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#MHRise coming to Nintendo Switch, March 26, 2021 | PC, Early 2022
#MHStories2 coming to Nintendo Switch & PC July 9, 2021.
MHW #Iceborne available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC.

ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Use of Alcohol, Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes



  • true zekkan
    true zekkanHace 5 horas

    So what I'm hearing is no new monsters damn shame also the fact that there's no offline high rank stuff irritating cuz randoms are to probable to carrying so yeah get your shit together Nintendo and give the fans the game they want it can be a great game and realize there are far more of us into rise game play and not stories there clearly putting way more work into stories and it's painfully obvious

  • Potato Gamer
    Potato GamerHace 6 horas

    vatlrax is my bestie she is my bestfriend she give me gud equipments

  • Robin
    RobinHace 11 horas

    The combo attack with the Palamut looks like the attack by Akamaru and his dog from Naruto. :D

  • Dan-The-Man
    Dan-The-ManHace 12 horas

    God, the one-liners are awful.

  • Cheetah Secreto
    Cheetah SecretoHace 15 horas

    cant wait to rise come to pc im putting so many hours in world and this one i want to be playing day one when it come

  • Conchur Fitzsimons
    Conchur FitzsimonsHace 17 horas

    Can't wait to play this! I started with World and now I want to play as many MH games as I can, with this being my 4th :D

  • Gerard Paradela
    Gerard ParadelaHace un día

    Amaterasu layered armor for palamute pls Capcom.

  • Diagonalz2
    Diagonalz2Hace un día

    0:00 A women crying Subtitle (Applause) (Laughter)

  • Cid
    CidHace un día

    That pirate cat sounds a lot like Jotaro

  • Jack Forsythe
    Jack ForsytheHace un día

    So is this a Game or an Anime I’m confused

  • Zokado Kidflame
    Zokado KidflameHace un día

    Gammoth and astalos come on man

  • Whatzzz zzzap
    Whatzzz zzzapHace un día

    Gun lance need more balancing add switch skill to use hbg cluster ammo will add more function for this american lance

  • Whatzzz zzzap
    Whatzzz zzzapHace un día

    The biggest mistake in rise is monster location can be seen on map, cmon capcom tracking the monster is the core of the gameplay . Hope they will disable it on G rank

  • Whatzzz zzzap
    Whatzzz zzzapHace un día

    Already at end game and desperately need more reason for grinding monster part.

  • Whatzzz zzzap
    Whatzzz zzzapHace un día

    Why not make rampage new grind system capcom ? Use monster part to level up the strong hold rather then compliting objective?

  • N0vaNightLord
    N0vaNightLordHace un día

    Still one of my favorite trailers ever

  • Hanz G
    Hanz GHace un día

    Pretty cool game even in update 3.. cant wait for the grank or master rank expansion. For now ill play GU again

  • Yusup Almadani
    Yusup AlmadaniHace un día

    And they add ABSOL dlc.. I love this new pokemon game

  • akuma bostuあくま没
    akuma bostuあくま没Hace un día

    こんにちは モンスターフンタ

  • Stories 101
    Stories 101Hace un día

    Look who get a sequel!

  • Rappy Guimarães
    Rappy GuimarãesHace 2 días


  • Poke masta
    Poke mastaHace 2 días

    Is that newly hatched rathalos Ratha's reincarnation?!!

  • Zenaeron
    ZenaeronHace 2 días

    Hope the monstie didnt have a small size like in previous game

  • Zenaeron
    ZenaeronHace un día

    @Dyno yeah, from the gameplay trailer the monstie size looks much better than the first game

  • Dyno
    DynoHace 2 días

    While they are smaller than usual, they are much bigger than they were in the first game.

  • Zenaeron
    ZenaeronHace 2 días

    @S. G. Noooooo

  • S. G.
    S. G.Hace 2 días


  • Eléanor. U
    Eléanor. UHace 2 días

    It's not like in the majority of the new content isn't free

  • Christine King
    Christine KingHace 2 días

    There’s just one thing I don’t understand. Why are hunters and riders against each other anyway?

  • yogijames
    yogijamesHace 2 días

    Oh hey YT recommandations

  • Shadows9898
    Shadows9898Hace 2 días

    Paid layered armor.....i'm really disappointed.

  • Sarah Wagner
    Sarah WagnerHace 3 días

    I hope the Download Error will be fixed by then

  • Kendall McLeod
    Kendall McLeodHace 3 días

    Something that's interesting is that in the clips with Kyle, not only is he actively questioning Rider culture of bonding with monsters, he also refers to Ratha by his name. Kyle starts showing showing something other than anger/distrust towards Riders and even begins to see Ratha as an individual. I'm really excited to learn more about him.

  • Chris lujan
    Chris lujanHace 3 días

    This game looks really cool

  • Zeemas
    ZeemasHace 3 días

    Everyone's asking for G rank in the comments. Like seriously, WTF? Game just came out and it hasn't even been 6 months...

  • Nathan Young
    Nathan YoungHace 3 días

    Just saw the Japanese commercial you can get velkanna as a monstie

  • Xarim
    XarimHace 3 días

    Ena: *crying* Subtitles: [cheers] [laughter] …

  • Adrian Aceved
    Adrian AcevedHace 3 días


  • Nuper
    NuperHace 3 días

    Can we actually get a real update? It sucks they buttered us up with only one really substantial update.

  • Mocking Jay
    Mocking JayHace 3 días

    Tbh I watch rage gaming and hope MH rise gets another colab with stories 2 and add raze wing ratholos

  • 花
    Hace 3 días

    More better than Rise

  • Demetori
    DemetoriHace 3 días

    2:38 anyone knows the song name?

  • Ethan Yang
    Ethan YangHace 3 días

    It seems that they actually made the monsties you ride bigger than the first game, which is one of the best things I think they have done for all the monsters. I thought this as soon as I saw the nargacuga. So glad they look like normal monsties instead of chibified versions.

  • iNuclearPickle
    iNuclearPickleHace un día

    @Ethan Yang sure lol I’m still very excited to play the demo this Friday

  • Ethan Yang
    Ethan YangHace 2 días

    @iNuclearPickle eh lets just say that like, the power of kinship instantly ages them kek.

  • iNuclearPickle
    iNuclearPickleHace 2 días

    I always assumed they were smaller due to them being very young but to me it’s just a video game I’ll enjoy the monster collecting none the less

  • Omega DeRose
    Omega DeRoseHace 4 días

    the palamute in teh game too as partner? yes jsut like in raise Sif will be my partner again

  • DanielAnam MP4
    DanielAnam MP4Hace 4 días

    trailer with whole spoiler

  • Retro Scope
    Retro ScopeHace 4 días

    Yo! , they brought back the old Rathalos and Rathian roar

  • Dark Deino
    Dark DeinoHace 4 días

    Is it already that time for events quests from another game so I'll be waiting to see what's next

  • Tasty Baguette
    Tasty BaguetteHace 4 días

    Looks like zelda to me

  • StickSairo
    StickSairoHace 4 días

    Thank you for nothing... Again, very disappointing every game this year that's coming from Capcom is not in its top shape like the years before. re 8(village) same thing don't know what you think you do guys but a couple of years more and your do some shit like fallout 76... So let the magic happen again you can do this I know you and love you Capcom. Peace

  • Michelgamer45
    Michelgamer45Hace 4 días

    Its nice to see this game align with the storie of the first one and wee even see our old ratha again

  • Kendall McLeod
    Kendall McLeodHace 4 días

    It's a different Ratha with a different Rider. This game takes place 4 years after the first. Ratha is just a really common name to give them.

  • BenGiganotosaurus13
    BenGiganotosaurus13Hace 4 días

    Literally the video begins with crying Me: Never fricking mind, I take that back

  • TheCobraKing TEM
    TheCobraKing TEMHace 4 días

    Anyone else curious on how silver rathalos and gold rathian would look in this game?

  • Anay Singh
    Anay SinghHace 4 días

    Feels weird seeing this in 2021

  • Thanapoom Saiprom
    Thanapoom SaipromHace 4 días

    Somehow I feel that the story would be so epic and I would cry like a bitch

  • Erwan Nunez
    Erwan NunezHace 4 días

    Oh god, that's disappointing

  • Fire Rain
    Fire RainHace 4 días

    Time to get a game save for story’s 2 online somewhere...

  • Fishzilla King of Fish✔
    Fishzilla King of Fish✔Hace 4 días

    Geez 3 years ago......

  • DreadkingRathalos
    DreadkingRathalosHace 4 días

    Yeah i think ill take a break from rise for a couple months, im just gonna play pokemon to hype myself up for stories 2

  • วิริยะ ตั้งตระกูลวิริยะ
    วิริยะ ตั้งตระกูลวิริยะHace 4 días

    Rule34 artist: You know where this is going.

  • NekoCatMeow
    NekoCatMeowHace 4 días

    The day when all the mhgu and mhw monsters comes to rise.. It will be glorious. I can imagine that this will be the best monster hunter with all (i mean ALL) the monsters from past MH games add with new monsters with great combat mechanics! Also frontier mode with anime monsters pls

  • shrowd
    shrowdHace 4 días

    yeah i think a rathalos could never stand a chance against an elder dragon that uses brute force on everything

  • iNuclearPickle
    iNuclearPickleHace 4 días

    Nergi is tough but I can honestly see it pulling out a win with the help of a rider

  • Random Guy
    Random GuyHace 4 días

    Dead game lmao just forget about this shitty game and go back to world

  • Claudio Bellanti
    Claudio BellantiHace 4 días


  • Spartus
    SpartusHace 5 días

    I hate western people. Just because.

  • Koziołek
    KoziołekHace 5 días

    Eh.. rise is big jump backwards compared to mhw... The graphic fauna and flora.., immersion.. that all weird stuff destroyed the game but im still thinking about buy it. Its for me like d3. They destroyed my fav game but i still want to play it 😭

  • Darry Marquez
    Darry MarquezHace 5 días

    Is this gonna be available also on PC?

  • Crimson Man Diavolo
    Crimson Man DiavoloHace 4 días


  • Arkan Ataya
    Arkan AtayaHace 5 días

    Trailer aja terus anying game nya gak rilis rilis

  • Aditya Maulana
    Aditya MaulanaHace 5 días

    Finally they added some good looking pants and shades

  • Prénom Nom
    Prénom NomHace 5 días

    Oh my god , the animation is so good ! It look like a real documentary ! Crazy

  • AL
    ALHace 5 días

    Zelda don’t cry

  • Julian Villagran
    Julian VillagranHace 5 días

    I need new monsters :(

  • Daniel B
    Daniel BHace 5 días

    Ok, I have some theory on something the Razewing Rathalos May be hiding. The lore states with a beat of its wings it can bring destruction, of course it has seemingly none. But with the trailer clips showing it able to open the stumps of its wingarms, and it being in rage rays and those mysterious people holding it hostage, including threatening the character. I believe that after it’s been held hostage and able to escape, it’ll get trapped in rage rays. During when it is in the rage rays, when the player and friends try to calm it down, those people will suddenly interrupt and capture them. Their leader will then hold the player hostage and force the razewing to join with them or the player is killed. Given this is going to be at the climax, razewing and the player would have been bonded for a good while, so when raze sees their partner in trouble, it will be worried for them, but with those people having caused all sorts of problems for razewing and the riders, including enslaving the rathalos for its power, it’ll only have one thing towards the enemies: anger and hatred. Because of its unrelenting anger towards him threatening their friend to get it to the other side, the razewing will fully succumb to the rage rays, and in its unrelenting anger, unveil its true form. The arms will glow bright and break open, but there will be a sudden bright light as the razewing opens them wide, and reveals something that shocks all of them: titanic wings that were concealed in the wyvern the whole time; bigger than a normal rathalos and burning bright orange, with flames dancing where the normal wing patterns would be. It takes to the skies, burning the grass and singing the very air. It will then shoot a massive fire beam, filled with even more power than it ever showed, straight into the enemy team. The soldiers are completely scorched, quickly becoming nothing but ash and the melted remains of their armor and weapons. Unfortunately, from the rage of the rathalos, the other riders are caught in the crossfire, barely surviving but with heavy burns (not that bad though). The rathalos’s power is quickly sensed by the other monsters around it, and the sheer destruction makes them realize what this rath is, and immediately flee as fast as possible. All that is left untouched is the character and the leader holding them hostage. The razewing lands in front of both, its eyes merely speaking to release the player. The enemy leader ignores this and tries to kill the player, resulting in razewing pouncing on the leader and completely mauling him. In its rage, however, it can’t recognize the player or their friends, and starts assaulting them. The player tries to use the kinship stone to calm it, only for it to grab and rip it off, chomp down on it, and throw it aside. The hunter with them tries to shoot at the razewing, saying it’s too dangerous to live, but the player stops them, basically saying there’s still a chance. Slowly, the rider approaches the razewing, having their hand out to show no threat. Razewing, seeing this, stays alert but doesn’t show aggression. The player keeps approaching until it is face-to-face with the wyvern. It then slowly touches its nose, showing a full connection, and suddenly the razewing’s memories come flooding back, reminding it of the player, their friends, their adventures, and the unbreakable bond between them. Immediately, the rathalos is calmed, snapping out of its rays and seemingly cured from the rays. It’s wings cool to a deep blue color, and then retreat into its arms, still showing a little bit as it drops on all fours. The rest of the group are certainly surprised, seeing how great the rider and razewing’s friendship truly is. After they were able to recover, the rider easily understood that things definitely got a lot harder. Razewing’s true form would leave it more dangerous to keep around, with less people willing to help them out. Their friends, seeing an understanding, promise to stay by their side to aid them, but warn them that the rathalos’s true power will have to be controlled, as the release of that form would easily cause deadly consequences. With likely more of the mysterious men, besides the remains of the ones around them, being somewhere, as well as the rage rays and rathalos disappearances, the team understood their work was far from over. After this incident, it was questioned of why the razewing had the title “wings of ruin.” Given how destructive it was with the wings, it was inferred that those trying to write about that would not be able to finish it quick enough, and those that survived and saw the razewing’s true form would be too scared to tell it. Thus, it may have gotten its name “wings of ruin” not because of the power and destruction it’s powers form its lack of wings, but rather the sheer devastation and loss that would occur ... when it fully opens them. Of course, this is just purely through my speculation and imagination, so it may (likely) not be part of the story capcom made. This is definitely cool, and if it IS funnily part of the story, I’ll just say I called it first.

  • Modelo Man
    Modelo ManHace 5 días

    welp, guess imma play 4u again

  • TheRedScizor
    TheRedScizorHace 5 días

    justice for Great Jaggi

  • Mayito Brito VA
    Mayito Brito VAHace 5 días

    Wow! This version is coming on my Birthday next week! ^^

  • Waranont Wiwaha
    Waranont WiwahaHace 5 días

    *Play possum* But there is no possum in this world? Fine then… *Play gypceros*

  • Dinorex
    DinorexHace 5 días

    Yasunori Ichinose will forever remain a true genius for me. He is the mind, heart and sould behind almost all of the amazing monsters this series created, among the many we got masterpieces like Ahtal-Ka, Glavenus or Valstrax. The chat in this was disrespectful as hell and should be ashamed, this man deserves recognition and respect.

  • Richard IDGAF
    Richard IDGAFHace 5 días

    Can’t wait to have my hunter dance like he’s high off his butt like that last dance shown in the trailer; insta-buy for me.

  • Conner Doucet
    Conner DoucetHace 5 días

    I believe now is a good time to explain Jhen Mohran to current era Hunters who play Rise. Jhen Mohran is an Elder Dragon Whale that can be found by looking for the Delex, since they feed on it's back.

  • D.j
    D.jHace 5 días

    I hope this game have what rise is best for: STICKERS!!!

  • Shuffle Box
    Shuffle BoxHace 5 días

    They showed that you can get the rise stickers in this game by scanning the rise amiibos, so hopefully this game also has its own stickers too.

  • Necron Soo
    Necron SooHace 5 días

    lets put our hope on Aug

  • pedofil
    pedofilHace 5 días

    i dont have switch, im here stuck with my 3ds and only able to play mh4u 😭

  • Owl City Warriors
    Owl City WarriorsHace 5 días

    its time to grinding talent until mid night again ahahahah ( hope ticket for rare dens free again ^^ )

  • wings of hermes
    wings of hermesHace 5 días

    im going to superglue tsukinos layered to my palico