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#MHRise coming to Nintendo Switch, March 26, 2021 | PC, Early 2022
#MHStories2 coming to Nintendo Switch \u0026 PC July 9, 2021.
MHW #Iceborne available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC.

ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Use of Alcohol, Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes



  • Maxeon 09
    Maxeon 09Hace un día

    They really didn't warn us about our favourite bomber...

  • MeH is Mediocre
    MeH is MediocreHace un día

    How time flies am I right?

  • Jacobzeba01
    Jacobzeba01Hace un día


  • King Rathalos
    King RathalosHace un día

    "And the winners... BAAHH"

  • superfiesh 333
    superfiesh 333Hace un día

    This trailer got more content than the movie

  • Ardrei Carl Ac Guevarra
    Ardrei Carl Ac GuevarraHace un día

    the fact that MHW title has been finished, but I didn't get the chance to play it but thanks to all the Content Creators and youtubers I felt like I finished the title by watching it <3 I am already thrilled to watch it, But I wish I got the chance to play it with my own hands :) I am a huge fan of the series since the beginning the PSP era. Thanks CAPCOM what a great game you have <3 this video makes me cry

  • 606
    606Hace un día


  • Axel Grif-Dragó
    Axel Grif-DragóHace un día

    Hello I really liked today's video I have some doubts for you keep putting Monster Hunter Stories 2 game why not putting in the game Monster Hunter Stories 1The original Well he just asked

  • Nicholas Lombardo
    Nicholas LombardoHace un día

    Thank you World for the hundreds of hours of joy you've brought us, you may have been my first Monster Hunter game but you were great nonetheless. Now I'm onto MH Rise where your legacy continues o7

  • K Mlar
    K MlarHace un día

    What’s the armor set at 1:24?

  • V Rez
    V RezHace 2 días

    Rise tease? the recommendation is sus

  • Gabriela Piechota
    Gabriela PiechotaHace 2 días

    wow that's amazing game

  • Duskyer
    DuskyerHace 2 días

    Imma be real with you. I am really tired of Rathalos. I know he's the flagship of the franchise and all, but I get tired of seeing him. The Pikachu of Monster Hunter.

  • zidan dan shadiq
    zidan dan shadiqHace 2 días

    Add gore magala pls

  • Evangelion M
    Evangelion MHace 2 días

    Best Monster Hunter game ❤️❤️

  • Moonraven
    MoonravenHace 3 días


  • cool man
    cool manHace un día


  • spooky0407
    spooky0407Hace 3 días

    I can hear the thumbnail

  • The Tea Person
    The Tea PersonHace 3 días

    Really hope that this gets a mobile port since the first one had one.

  • Shawn gan
    Shawn ganHace 3 días

    who's the mc here is it still Lute and his Ratha or no? if no then what happen to cheval, lute, lilia?

  • Shawn gan
    Shawn ganHace 2 días

    nvm just needed to restart my phone

  • Shawn gan
    Shawn ganHace 2 días

    Btw my monster hunter stories 1 keeps saying error 002 how to fix

  • Shawn gan
    Shawn ganHace 2 días


  • Oh Boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an octorock
    Oh Boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an octorockHace 2 días

    No, it's not Lute. The protagonist is a new character, they just don't have an official name yet. Lilia, Reverto, and Navirou are returning because they left the first game's cities. This info came from a Japanese interview with the devs of MHST 2

  • Shawn gan
    Shawn ganHace 3 días

    who's the mc here is it still Lute and his Ratha or no? if no then what happen to cheval, lute, lilia?

  • Shawn gan
    Shawn ganHace 3 días

    who's the mc here is it still Lute and his Ratha or no? if no then what happen to cheval, lute, lilia?

  • Kendall McLeod
    Kendall McLeodHace un día

    According to an intervirw, this game takes place four years after the first. We have no confimation of Lute or Cheval, but Lilia was present in this trailer as a commander of the Royal Scriveners.

  • dracoflame mega
    dracoflame megaHace 3 días


  • cool man
    cool manHace un día


  • Kirara
    KiraraHace 3 días


  • Gloxinia king of traps
    Gloxinia king of trapsHace 3 días

    Seregios be like "if it move, i can kill it"

  • Team Sophie Meow
    Team Sophie MeowHace 3 días

    Wire bug is aerial but it’s the only style

  • Shuffle Box
    Shuffle BoxHace 3 días

    This should be a nice alternative to pokemon. I'm still gonna miss some of my favorite pokemon, but I will end doing that anyway when they are cut because "making games is hard" for a company that makes you go through a hundred different paywalls if you want access to all the content for a pokemon game nowadays. They also already confirmed the main thing I liked from SwSh, which is co-op. It will be nice to only have to buy the game and maybe some purely cosmetic dlc if I want it.

  • Shuffle Box
    Shuffle BoxHace 3 días

    1:17 Zelda? Is that you?

  • Gloxinia king of traps
    Gloxinia king of trapsHace 3 días

    this Monster Hunter was a masterpiece you can't change my mind

  • Leo Arjoon Arjoon
    Leo Arjoon ArjoonHace 3 días

    Dev please bring that to mobile if yall can even if it takes many years after the original release

  • alpha gamer
    alpha gamerHace 4 días

    i remember hunting the chameleos in monster hunter free it is not easy.

  • NG TSZ WAI吳梓維
    NG TSZ WAI吳梓維Hace 4 días

    I want a new game that will return all monsters(with the Chinese exclusive Monster Hunter Online game ones,concepts monsters and minor monsters etc)

  • Phil Gillespie
    Phil GillespieHace 4 días

    Thats right thats right

  • Dr Pina
    Dr PinaHace 4 días

    Just coming back to express my extensive gratitude at the devs for the years of fun and challenging experience as well as making bonds with friends, I’ll miss you MHW

  • Tengku Hafiz
    Tengku HafizHace 4 días

    987 hours in, god I miss this game

  • Kim Kim
    Kim KimHace 4 días

    This needs more love and views....

  • Tiddo Bang
    Tiddo BangHace 4 días

    This games is dog water, when will they come out with monster hunter world 2? Please i need it now! Fuck all this nintendo garbage

  • rerega31
    rerega31Hace 3 días

    Its not coming because monster hunter doesn't do that and they never have done that...but they do make ultimate editions and worlds ultimate edition was called iceborne so really you already got world 2.

  • John Ross
    John RossHace 4 días

    Fingers crossed for added difficulty

  • Lucky Blah
    Lucky BlahHace 4 días

    im not a fan of the game revolving around a Ratholos again

  • Jamie
    JamieHace 4 días

    the rotten vale theme is by far my favourite

  • Ibushimakihiko - Naruhatatahime
    Ibushimakihiko - NaruhatatahimeHace 5 días

    Lyrics: "Ila Shevenano" "Nishi Tale Fanah" "Unafe Losha Fte" "A La Tesepta Tiswo Kamura" "Latche Fetaletasy" "Disko Ro Sevat Shila" "Osha Laeme Ty" "Nema Woseo Shieto" "Lame Kwushida" [I just copy-paste of what I can get from a Japanese username comment who commented on another comment section of Narwa's theme video. And that leanguage is Monster Hunter leanguage, which means that it doesn't have any true meaning. Unless the MH Devs tell us the information of what those make up lyrics actually means.]

  • andredeasternmonkey
    andredeasternmonkeyHace 5 días

    Teostra theme always make me want to eat some fried chicken

  • Alex Berube
    Alex BerubeHace 5 días

    Me: can't even kill Namiele Also me when they don't get sub 5 mins: traaaaash

  • AJusino
    AJusinoHace 5 días

    0:46 the king returns

  • A Dandy Gnar, In Space
    A Dandy Gnar, In SpaceHace 5 días

    Mizutsune!? YES PLEASE I WANT IT RIGHT MEOW. Please tell me its not gonna be like Kirin and other Elder Dragons, who you can't get until basically post-game. Cause bruh, I must "Wash and scrub the masses, blighting them with bubbly misfortune!""

  • Mark Perez
    Mark PerezHace 5 días

    You would never expect which monster you have to hunt to get this armour.

  • Joshiver
    JoshiverHace 5 días

    What's the song that plays in 1:31? It bops way too hard, I need it.

  • gnome
    gnomeHace 5 días

    What if this is ratha's life before he got back with your character in the first game?

  • Bez Biag
    Bez BiagHace 5 días

    2:45 Glavenous: Wahahaha you can't beat me *Proof of a hero theme starts playing* Glavenous: ... why do I hear boss musics?

  • kun in ne
    kun in neHace 5 días

    Pls bring back subspecies and also would love to see the red khezu and ruby basarios make a return

  • Nero Claudius
    Nero ClaudiusHace 5 días

    Miss this game already...hope they make a mhworld 2

  • Rebecca Paulhamus
    Rebecca PaulhamusHace 5 días

    For example monsties we need are duramboros,plesioth, Astalos,agnaktor, Lavasioth,nergigante, Great jagras,teostra, Rajang,congalala,and Kushala daora

  • TJC.does. Art
    TJC.does. ArtHace 5 días

    Why is this on my recommended now?

  • benenjamin 1
    benenjamin 1Hace 5 días

    I hope dalamadur , zamtrios and tetsucabra are coming back

  • Gex
    GexHace 6 días

    I love astalos' roar

  • Smile4mypride
    Smile4myprideHace 6 días

    DB in this game is so OP and broken that I solo'd the hub quests and to HR50 in 70 hours. The silkbind attack game me a invincibility frame which made the game easy.

  • jUppers
    jUppersHace 6 días

    hello can you please let me have sleep element and exhaust phial on my rampage switch axe?

  • King Krab
    King KrabHace 6 días

    “Let claws and fangs hone your blade” and you know, poisonous saliva, tremors, literal pieces of fruit, fireballs, being sat on by a bear, the monster screaming, blobs of mud, water and honestly pretty much anything

  • Lunar Komet
    Lunar KometHace 6 días

    You scumlords, give us a true ending already!

  • virus 404
    virus 404Hace 6 días


  • virus 404
    virus 404Hace 6 días

    Monster Hunter can you put Monster Hunter iceborne so we can control that the Beast attack

  • Shrimp Sufette
    Shrimp SufetteHace 6 días

    I loved the little clip with Paulumu at the end

  • Theyoshi31
    Theyoshi31Hace 6 días

    I hope this armor set comes back to rise

  • Skitzer
    SkitzerHace 6 días

    I really hope this game will allow us to make our monsteis bigger

  • cool man
    cool manHace un día

    @Skitzer they are bigger in this game then they were in the last game. Also I like kulu ya ku its so cute

  • Skitzer
    SkitzerHace un día

    @cool man The first game monstie size was kinda a disappointment so I hope there is a way to make them bigger with items or like as you level up they get bigger

  • cool man
    cool manHace un día

    monsties are already bigger now. Not sure if they are full size but they are definitely bigger than before

  • Rišhëī
    RišhëīHace 6 días

    This is the most poggers thing ever...

  • Gandalf Becan
    Gandalf BecanHace 6 días

    Oh hey, this is the Rakna Kadaki set!

  • Pol Daniel
    Pol DanielHace 7 días

    I wish camcop would add alatreon and his and because he is my favorite elder dragon second is teostra

  • thanatthuch kamseng
    thanatthuch kamsengHace 7 días

    many people in thailand need play this on steam!!!!!

    CRAMORANT IS GODHace 7 días

    If I can’t ride a dodogama and kill a deviljho ima be really upset.

  • Dinorex
    DinorexHace 7 días

    Man, I remember seeing that floating Elder and thinking "That is gonna be one hell of a fight" And in the end, I was right

  • M cosmos
    M cosmosHace 7 días

    well, a question. why it looks no much change on Lilia and Revetor, but the protagonist is a grandson/granddaughter of Lute ( who is the protagonist in the MHS anime and the name is also the default name in MHS game)?

  • Oh Boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an octorock
    Oh Boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an octorockHace 2 días

    Red (the white-haired guy) isn't Lute. Lute/Sophia are on their own adventure somewhere else. Navirou, Reverto, and Lilia left them, but not on bad terms. This information came from a Japanese interview the devs had recently.

  • VorNach NameName
    VorNach NameNameHace 7 días

    Lol there some bot copieing comments and have gitls and women as profile picture. And channel banners which leading to their nsfw profiles.

  • Too poo
    Too pooHace 7 días

    I didn't even know that this was the update because I just started playing like a couple weeks ago, that's crazy!

  • Maze Homie
    Maze HomieHace 8 días

    Will this be on mobile???

  • Ugly Jerry
    Ugly JerryHace 8 días


  • Crimson
    CrimsonHace 8 días

    Where cheval

  • EldritchLurker
    EldritchLurkerHace 8 días

    Still a better love story than twilight

  • Dustin Whiting
    Dustin WhitingHace 8 días

    So is there any official cat merch like that lol?

  • Christian Nuque
    Christian NuqueHace 8 días

    I'm proud i defeat it solo hehe