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#MHRise coming to Nintendo Switch, March 26, 2021 | PC, Early 2022
#MHStories2 coming to Nintendo Switch \u0026 PC July 9, 2021.
MHW #Iceborne available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC.

ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Use of Alcohol, Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes



  • Sen Sen
    Sen SenHace 9 horas

    F***ing trash monsters are supposed to be hunted!

  • MopedMike
    MopedMikeHace 11 horas

    For all those using the comments to shit on Pokemon graphics. Remember this is PC footage...

  • Sapphire Moments
    Sapphire MomentsHace 14 horas

    1:12 starts the best part, Sapphire of the Emperor!

  • Grey
    GreyHace 16 horas

    This was the game that got me into Monster Hunter I love it so much!

  • Professor Penne
    Professor PenneHace 18 horas

    using a wirebug to launch an attack into a monster is so satisfying

  • Gelo DG
    Gelo DGHace 18 horas

    This game is truly awesome! Been playing for 108hrs now And I can say that this game is the culmination of all monster hunter games combined. The Combat, aesthetics and sound is perfect!

  • Aptom7747
    Aptom7747Hace 19 horas

    so when do we kill it and is it rarity 7 or higher?

  • Martijn Dewyn
    Martijn DewynHace 21 un hora

    wow remember we had more then 2 elders on release. fuck me man

    OMEGA WARIOHace 7 horas

    Periodically releasing event quests and SOME new monsters is fine, but not to the point it feels like they were cut from the game on purpose.

  • Giorgn NAMQ
    Giorgn NAMQHace 23 horas

    Please give me a #Collaboration of this master piece with #MonsterHunterRise ❤️❤️❤️! Would be awesome seeing this special #Rathalos in #Monster #Hunter #Rise 🤩! Maybe the finisher will be a #Kinship attack or something if hunter has #master #rider and maybe #Ramp-Up skill! Would add a nice touch and would be fun!!!

  • Boyoftrick_90
    Boyoftrick_90Hace 23 horas

    I want him in Rise so much it hurts

  • Kabegami The Great
    Kabegami The GreatHace un día

    I didn't like stories 1 that much, which is weird, game should be a genius idea to collect your favourite monsters. I'll still check this one out, hopefully its better. Theres also a weird graphical abnormality on my 3ds in that game, where rarely, a black line would appear accross the screen somewhere, vertical or horizontal for a split second, idk if my cartridge or 3DS is maybe faulty or if its just the game.

  • Jim Yang
    Jim YangHace un día

    3 KO within 3mins using insect glaive is just insane. Holy cow.

  • Ramen Artist
    Ramen ArtistHace un día

    After beating rise and becoming a monster hunter fan I cannot tell you how much more impact this has on me than pokemon

  • Ramen Artist
    Ramen ArtistHace un día

    I just beat monster hunter rise, I'm even more hyped for this game now Edit: spoilers for rise down low I hope there's a Narwa/Ibushi cameo

  • Game Changer
    Game ChangerHace un día

    So Red Isekaid himself to the Monster Hunter universe and settled down, while Ash is still 11

  • Salvador Toscano
    Salvador ToscanoHace un día

    This got me into the franchise. Also taught me to fear Lightning Monke from Hell via *trying* to grind that version of the Zelda DLC quest (High Rank Zinogre, clapped and memorized; High Rank Kirin, clapped; High Rank Rajang...I don't wanna talk about it) Monster Hunter is by far my favorite franchise, and 4U started it. God I wish I had a DS/3DS to replay it.

  • Lubbo [ ]
    Lubbo [ ]Hace un día

    Can we please have an 3 Ultimate Remake.

  • Black Redd
    Black ReddHace un día

    So not only do apex monster not give cool new gear and armor, but it’s only playable through rampage? This is zorah magna all over again. Extremely disappointing

  • Kevin Haycraft
    Kevin HaycraftHace un día

    I didn't know this was a thing!!! I'm all about this ish!

  • Joefel Cepeda
    Joefel CepedaHace un día

    Monster hunter rise more like monster hunter ride lol. I don't leave any living soul on the battlefield. No rides, only massacre.

  • Sunbro Solaire
    Sunbro SolaireHace 17 horas

    Ok Edgemaster.

  • ZxZeroStelar
    ZxZeroStelarHace un día

    So glad it was just a bad trailer.

  • Mudshrooze
    MudshroozeHace un día

    I wish this guy would come back he did such a good job.

  • Amazing Nobody Liz
    Amazing Nobody LizHace un día

    10k views just been added wtf

  • Tim Horn
    Tim HornHace un día

    This doesn’t work for me

  • Maskyro
    MaskyroHace un día


  • Pizza
    PizzaHace un día

    Related Features... Sooo rainbow pigment?

  • Gerald John Geroces
    Gerald John GerocesHace 2 días

    can this game play on mobile like stories 1 ?

  • Amazing Nobody Liz
    Amazing Nobody LizHace un día

    It would probably be hard considering the drastic improvement in graphics and with monster hunter stories 1 already takes a lot of memory

  • Jovy Rivera
    Jovy RiveraHace 2 días

    I'm ready to fight gore megala in MH rise, hopefully

  • mary abbei 23
    mary abbei 23Hace 2 días

    milla jovovich and tony jaa monster hunter

  • Txrtu 乌龟
    Txrtu 乌龟Hace 2 días


  • Tribdinosaur
    TribdinosaurHace 2 días

    Monster Hunter Rise has sold almost 5 times more than the number of views on this video

  • Marjorie Cid
    Marjorie CidHace 2 días

    Will we have our progress still?

  • Troll LoLeL
    Troll LoLeLHace 2 días

    for android? i hope 😆

  • JAT DR
    JAT DRHace 2 días

    this make the hunt so easy, were is the run and healt? were is the challenge? is how ""Daddy i can play"" TAKE THIS KNIFE AND CUT THE TAIL OF THAT FUKING MONSTER >:D whatever, come here Tigrex, you are my mount now >:)

  • Eu Aria
    Eu AriaHace 2 días

    i hope on future update they will future a new island or the kamura town people will go to Milard town..and explore the new monsters from world the anjanath is on rise. i hope iceborn can introduce to rise hoping and just dreaming

  • XiasIV
    XiasIVHace 2 días

    Those were the days.

  • Williamgood2
    Williamgood2Hace 2 días

    20$ of day 1 dlc and unfinished game that literally ends in a cliffhanger and delayed content? what

  • James Schwing
    James SchwingHace 2 días

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  • Edric
    EdricHace 3 días

    got recommend in 2021 lol

  • Game Changer
    Game ChangerHace 3 días

    I noticed how only dos, p3rd, Generations/ultimate had direct confrontation of the monster and them fighting said monster, the dos crew fighting a Blangoga but being ambushed by Kushala Daora in Arctic Ridge, the blademaster gunner duo capturing an Arzuros and the Generations crew fighting a Glavenus and a Barioth

  • Houser45
    Houser45Hace 3 días

    Please bring this back to Rise!

  • TheAwesomeDarkNinja
    TheAwesomeDarkNinjaHace un día

    Seriously. I would kill for another Fire Emblem collab. The aesthetic fits Monster Hunter really well

  • icykun17 7
    icykun17 7Hace 3 días

    so when's it coming to mobile? perhaps 10 years maybe?

  • NBRivera
    NBRiveraHace 3 días

    I hope this will release on android

  • neruoue123
    neruoue123Hace 3 días

    You know they got a good thing going when the first thing they show is a beautiful waifu...

  • Bored
    BoredHace 3 días

    0:30 bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk

  • Filipe Nicolau Jerebtsov
    Filipe Nicolau JerebtsovHace 3 días

    why are the armor all the same from low rank to high rank? whyyy ...whyyy ..and ranked master all the same again???

  • hero medley
    hero medleyHace 3 días

    this games graphics is leagues better than pokemon will ever be on switch

  • Wesley Broadbent
    Wesley BroadbentHace 4 días

    Music reminds me of Ni No Kunis

  • Shadow_hive
    Shadow_hiveHace 4 días

    This was legit the best series on the Nintendo anime channel back in the days. We really need a new season for rise

  • Daniel
    DanielHace 4 días

    Make apex monsters available outside of rampage quests they suck!

  • Elyrium
    ElyriumHace 3 días

    I doubt they will do that, apex monsters are literally pack leaders of rampages lorewise

  • TailStraw xD
    TailStraw xDHace 4 días

    We *are* the boss music.

  • Sebastian Zebra
    Sebastian ZebraHace 4 días

    Says rathalos are dangerous without knowing that a rider and a rathalos saved the world from the black blight

  • Gage roberts
    Gage robertsHace 4 días

    Alienated tf out of the console players unfortunately. Lots of us never buying another mh again since they clearly only care about Nintendo players lol

  • Malakai Marasigan
    Malakai MarasiganHace 4 días

    Add monster hunter rise on the Xbox and PS4

  • Elyrium
    ElyriumHace 3 días

    Not gonna happen, it will only release on PC in 2022

  • Damien Paz
    Damien PazHace 4 días


  • Greninja zac
    Greninja zacHace 4 días

    Imagine doing this these days, rolling up to a collage campus with a Rathalos or Tigrex head in the trunk of a truck

  • light819
    light819Hace 4 días

    Wish they would have locked it at 60 fps and added some basic qol

  • Game Changer
    Game ChangerHace 4 días

    Looking back I wonder was Sir Bibit(Astalos Guy) using the valor charge or using brimstone slash

  • Nate Koester
    Nate KoesterHace 4 días

    Whenever I slay a monster that is cool in rise i salute its death lol

  • Max Ducks
    Max DucksHace 4 días

    I haven’t played MH since X. Now I’m asking myself why I thought Aerial style was so impressive.

  • Andy Derps
    Andy DerpsHace 5 días

    I guess even Red got bored of pokemon that he started collecting monsties instead.

  • Game Changer
    Game ChangerHace un día

    and settled down had grandkids while Ash is still 11

  • cloudus23
    cloudus23Hace 5 días

    Too bad this looks like it won't have a mobile port unlike the first game. I played the first one only on my phone since I don't have a 3ds.

  • Thunder Monkey
    Thunder MonkeyHace 5 días

    1:02 Navirou... buddy.. *How the hell are you alive?*

  • Gabriel Almenas
    Gabriel AlmenasHace 5 días

    I'm ready for MHSTORIES 2 is gonna make my day I loved the 3ds game of Stories 1 and it was fun this switch game is gonna make me play even more. I already beat Rise and I loved it I normally don't play switch Monster Hunter is the only thing making people want a switch now these days 🤣😛

  • Fearless Hunter
    Fearless HunterHace 5 días

    cant wait pc version

  • MrBurrito 208
    MrBurrito 208Hace 5 días

    Bro i was trying to play online today while also trying to play the game for the first time and the WHOLE TIME IT WOULDNT LET ME JOIN ANYONES FUCKINNG GAME

  • Jackson Williams
    Jackson WilliamsHace 5 días

    I need nergigante the spas monster

  • Whatzzz zzzap
    Whatzzz zzzapHace 5 días

    This monhunt feel like a race game, hope capcom add more biger map

  • Elyrium
    ElyriumHace 3 días

    There wont be bigger maps, these are big enough

  • Sam Brinlee
    Sam BrinleeHace 5 días

    When can we preorder this?

  • Kampfarsch
    KampfarschHace 5 días

    Id take this over MHW's cringe ass fucking story and dialogue any day

  • Just No
    Just NoHace 5 días


  • Commission Swampert
    Commission SwampertHace 6 días

    How did I end up here

  • A devil Named angel
    A devil Named angelHace 6 días


  • A devil Named angel
    A devil Named angelHace 6 días


  • Dire Miralis
    Dire MiralisHace 6 días


  • Some Dude
    Some DudeHace 6 días

    Recommended brought me here

  • Keaton
    KeatonHace 6 días

    bring this man back please these were golden haha

  • Charles Elder
    Charles ElderHace 6 días

    Any chance this choice game will make future Presentations for other systems?

  • Shem
    ShemHace 6 días

    Bruh I got this on that time but I accidentally formatted my 3ds system so it was gone and now I can't get it back..

  • Felix DX
    Felix DXHace 6 días

    Android plis