Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance


Unflinching, explosive artillery. The Gunlance brings together an impenetrable defense with high-power ballistics. Stagger your prey with a bevy of bombardments and dish out massive damage with its signature Wyvern's Fire attack. #MHRise
"Guard Edge" is a silkbind attack that takes incoming attacks and restores your weapon's sharpness, making it ready for retaliation.


  • Simon Barcelo
    Simon BarceloHace 21 un día

    Guarding with wyvern fire bro thats kinda cool tbh

  • Ghosthunter 009
    Ghosthunter 009Hace 23 días

    Me: well i gotta wait for FFXIV Endwalker hmmm... what game should i buy...... Me main Gunbreaker (gunblade class,Squall’s weapon) Me seeing gunlance tanking in MH rise: i know what to play now.....

  • フᄃムJonShadow
    フᄃムJonShadowHace 27 días

    In this universe, are all the monsters yokai?

  • Brayan Diaz
    Brayan DiazHace un mes

    Ok, Monster Hunter/ CAPCOM Developers. I have a request for this game as DLC or something to think about for the future. I am a real big fan of pole arm weapons, especially two handed long spears. I am a new player to the monster hunter games and i could not help but notice that there is not any weapon that fits that criteria in the Monster Hunter series. The two handed spear is one of the most used primitive hunting weapons through out history and its not in this game? You have a One handed Lance and Shield, One handed Gun Lance and Shield , and Arial Two handed Insect Glaive. Insect glaive would be the closest to my request. However, The weapon is way to arial based and way to gimmicky with the insect. I HATE insects. Any ways, PLEASE put a two handed spear with no shield or Insect. You can call it the "LONG SPEAR". It can have decent mobility, medium speed, and it can have really cool charge up powerful thrust combos.(like the skills in FF14 for Lance/Spear called Disembowel or True Thrust). Although instead of being mainly arial or mainly ground/land based, it can be a hybrid? Maybe it could be mainly ground/land based but it would have arial wire bug abilities? I NEED THIS PLEASE CAPCOM! I WOULD ENJOY THIS GAME SO MUCH MORE IF THIS WEAPON EXISTED IN THE MONSTER HUNTER FRANCHISE!

  • OwlNightMoon
    OwlNightMoonHace un mes

    I played Gunlance in MH world. I really love this weapon. So I will choose Gunlance in MH rise

  • peruperu 0516
    peruperu 0516Hace un mes

    This anime voice acting is such a disappointment. I know it’s caters to the fans of Anime and Japanese culture internationally. But as a Japanese person, the whole design of this game feels a little lame. It’s almost like it’s made for 8 year olds.

    FLUFFY HAWAIIANHace 2 meses

    Rejoice my fellow Gunlance mains!! For we shall bath this world with our flames once again!!

  • Javier Slytherin
    Javier SlytherinHace 2 meses

    Gunlance is fucking awesome!

  • TANKRED Endures
    TANKRED EnduresHace 2 meses

    I have never played a Monster Hunter game before but if i get a literal CANON as a melee weapon and have a shield THEN SIGN ME UP

  • Bardin False
    Bardin FalseHace 2 meses

    no more sharpening downtime!

  • warm blankets and socks
    warm blankets and socksHace 3 meses

  • ED videojuegos y cultura
    ED videojuegos y culturaHace 3 meses

    The music sounds like Breath of the wild

  • Jack Villalobos
    Jack VillalobosHace 3 meses

    i think i prefer the game better when the hunters dont talk as they hunt

  • Mon trainer ash D
    Mon trainer ash DHace 3 meses

    Gotta love the presence of what is essentially just a gun in this fantasy game

  • jewmanji


    Hace 2 días

    Have you never seen the bowguns????

  • Fugu Fiish
    Fugu FiishHace 3 meses

    00:21 that guard point on W-Fire is pure wet dream extasy (GL mains out there i know how u feel)

  • Fugu Fiish

    Fugu Fiish

    Hace 3 meses

    Sharpness restoration, manual CD reduction on WF (possibly WF core build), counter-hit, WF guard point. Years of years of missing love from mhfu, we deserve this ❤ (and fkoff mhgu GL mechanics) *Still hopes for scaling shells, let us pray for that to happen

  • Natthaphong Phoosith
    Natthaphong PhoosithHace 3 meses

    Where is jet move that show in new trailer?

  • Sunbro Solaire

    Sunbro Solaire

    Hace 3 meses

    Gotta wait till the full game I assume.

  • Doggieworld3
    Doggieworld3Hace 3 meses

    One of my favs

  • raowyn
    raowynHace 3 meses

    Monster: "YOU CAN FLY!?" Gunlance Main:

  • The Cactis
    The CactisHace 3 meses

    Who's here looking for that new move they showed in the stream?

  • FierceDeityLink100
    FierceDeityLink100Hace 3 meses

    nobody point out that great baggi is back ok then

  • Kazumi
    KazumiHace 3 meses

    "Restores sharpness" :eyes:

  • Lucas Mrt
    Lucas MrtHace 3 meses

    Lol why is nobody talking about the new shottype with 4 possible shots

  • A M
    A MHace 3 meses

    Yep, going Gunlance this time around.

  • raowyn
    raowynHace 3 meses

    At the 0:46 segment, I didn't catch this at first either: the amount restored at the first is almost identical to the amount consumed by staking a couple seconds later in this segment.

  • raowyn
    raowynHace 3 meses

    I initially didn't appreciate how FAST staking seems at the 0:10 mark! Compared to MHW, isn't this much faster?

  • Gamer 61379
    Gamer 61379Hace 3 meses

    See this? This is my BOOMSTICK

  • CSE 13 07 abdul alim khan
    CSE 13 07 abdul alim khanHace 3 meses

    Everybody gangsta until someone puts an explosive syringe in the monster and then empties the whole mag twice in a row. Then hits it with the big bang twice in a row.

  • dire miralis
    dire miralisHace 3 meses

    Am I the only one who didn't care about the gun Lance but excited that azuros is back?

  • Sunbro Solaire

    Sunbro Solaire

    Hace 3 meses

    I’d say yes, but we knew that for months though.

  • Winged Dragon
    Winged DragonHace 3 meses

    I hope they have the option to disable these one liners. I actually like MH trademark gibberish noise.

  • felix Payer
    felix PayerHace 3 meses

    I am hyped to play this on pc

  • felix Payer

    felix Payer

    Hace 3 meses

    Sunbro Solaire special thanks to my most loyal followers

  • Sunbro Solaire

    Sunbro Solaire

    Hace 3 meses

    I’m hyped to see the day when you stop spamming this.

  • The Firesword Dragon
    The Firesword DragonHace 3 meses

    Out of all the weapons I have seen so far, the Gunlance has had THE MOST improvements. The Wyrmstake comes out SO MUCH FASTER, the Wyvern's Fire can't be interrupted directly, and the new upgrades. The ability to recover Sharpness without a whetstone is very important for a weapon that suffers with Sharpness problems. And you couldn't do Wyvern's Fire all the time, so the other new skill helps this.

  • LucasTheBoi
    LucasTheBoiHace 3 meses

    Ah yes, the boomstick

  • Hygogg12
    Hygogg12Hace 3 meses

    guard while wyvern's fire introduce in monster hunter frontier 2015 even frontier shutdown in 2019 but still go on in MH Rise thank you

  • Sean Patrick Gutierrez
    Sean Patrick GutierrezHace 3 meses

    this wyrmstake is how wyrmstake should have been

  • Kai
    KaiHace 3 meses

    Will Gunlance have a forward step just like MHW?

  • Maicon Nascimento
    Maicon NascimentoHace 3 meses

    Funlance the best weapon for me.

  • Tyler Vanscyoc
    Tyler VanscyocHace 3 meses

    Welcome back shot gun sexual ~ 😊

  • Willum Kett
    Willum KettHace 3 meses

    Yay gun lance!

  • Rotcrawler
    RotcrawlerHace 3 meses

    Wanna see me turn off voices? Wanna see me do it again?

  • Devildham
    DevildhamHace 3 meses

    So, what do you main, the gunlance or the insect glaive? .....Yes.

  • Skate1924
    Skate1924Hace 3 meses

    Guess I’m gonna main gunlance for this game. Along with every other weapon, cause they look so fun

  • Momo's Breath
    Momo's BreathHace 3 meses

    Those vocalizations are so cheesy, it's definitely off for me.

  • KoopaPwns
    KoopaPwnsHace 3 meses

    This pleases the Gunlance gang

  • Lonely Wolf
    Lonely WolfHace 3 meses

    The longsword was the most anime weapon Now every one of the fourteen is so dahm anime is ridiculous

  • GetterRay
    GetterRayHace 3 meses

    voices are terrible, thank god you can turn them off

  • Jayden Liberty
    Jayden LibertyHace 3 meses

    So now, you can reduce Big Boom cool down, AND sharpen your weapon by attacking with a special Meaning Gunlance is now the damage sponge tank for ranged/status teams, since it almost NEVER has to dip out for a whetstone and can provide enough DPS to keep the monster interested in them A team with a GL, and something like GS, LS, Hammer, or even DB would be too many people too close to the monster, unless it’s like one of them, a bow(gun), and a HH main Always the HH main

  • Sergey Voroncov
    Sergey VoroncovHace 3 meses

    Когда уже чб покажут?

  • Eggs Benedict Cucumber Patch
    Eggs Benedict Cucumber PatchHace 3 meses

    So when are getting to look at the other weapons?

  • Amnhaj
    AmnhajHace 3 meses

    Now i want to see the greatsword

  • [Ger]LuBaKi
    [Ger]LuBaKiHace 3 meses

    Charge Blade will be mega pog ill call it now

  • Korok Seed

    Korok Seed

    Hace 3 meses

    [Ger]LuBaKi So “spoilers” (kind of) in case you still want to wait for Capcom to post the video but because the French Capcom channel posted the other videos early and the CB’s new abilities are this really fast lunge that puts you into axe mode and almost looks like one of the elemental discharge moves (the spin one) and this block you do with your shield that instantly charges your phials if it blocks an attack. After the block, it looks like you can transition into a bunch of other actions, like charging the phials into your sword or doing an SAED. In my opinion, your prediction is correct and the Charge Blade looks like it’s gonna be really poggers lol

  • Josh King
    Josh KingHace 3 meses

    OH LOOK hunting horns next and now they stop??? wtf

  • Roku Roku
    Roku RokuHace 3 meses

    So yall going to post the rest or the French leaks stopped you guys from doing it

  • ebbios
    ebbiosHace 3 meses

    Boy oh boy...last monster hunter I played was monster hunter freedom unite....imagine my surprise here

  • DRUNKEN f i s t
    DRUNKEN f i s tHace 3 meses

    dont massacre my boom stick like that,is a slow weapon not a long sword 😢 love the guard wyvern fire tho

  • owen games
    owen gamesHace 3 meses

    Where is hunting horn!!

  • nunya business
    nunya businessHace 3 meses

    where new weapon trailers >:(

  • Bradley Drake
    Bradley DrakeHace 3 meses

    So now we wait for MH stories 2 news

  • Sentinowl 1337
    Sentinowl 1337Hace 3 meses

    0:24 IT'S NO USE

  • Crowe
    CroweHace 3 meses


  • Еримей Свечников
    Еримей СвечниковHace 3 meses

    Man!!! Can't wait to play this game!!! The Sillkbind skills are amazing!!! I love it!!!😍🤩😆

  • PipeSkx13
    PipeSkx13Hace 3 meses

    this weapon looks fun as hell

  • Alan Viera
    Alan VieraHace 3 meses

    Yes yes cool now wher hunting horn

  • Selouskimo
    SelouskimoHace 3 meses

    When next videos

  • Panpan Cancery Gaming
    Panpan Cancery GamingHace 3 meses

    SA and CB???

  • M


    Hace 3 meses

    @Panpan Cancery Gaming Yw

  • Panpan Cancery Gaming

    Panpan Cancery Gaming

    Hace 3 meses

    @M Ty

  • M


    Hace 3 meses

    They actually were shown last night from Capcom Germany as a mistake, but were deleted. Japan is on their weekend break. Btw, Germany showed Greatsword against Rathian and Switch Axe against Somnocanth, with two brand new weapons and armors. That means Hunting Horn and Charge Blade will be together :)

  • deviljoegaming
    deviljoegamingHace 3 meses

    Uhh is the team on break for the weekend? You still have 4 other weapons

  • M


    Hace 3 meses

    Yeah, weekend break for Japan

  • elsquisheeone
    elsquisheeoneHace 3 meses

    every day the gunlance gets closer and closer to it's ultimate goal of never being sheathed

  • Greninja zac
    Greninja zacHace 3 meses

    What? No Azuros music?

  • Robb Starkk
    Robb StarkkHace 3 meses


  • scarops
    scaropsHace 3 meses

    So much goodness is going on here. I can't wait to get my hands on this version of gunlance. It's glorious

  • Warriors_of_westheimer Byakku
    Warriors_of_westheimer ByakkuHace 3 meses

    Where are the next ones

  • Athanase48067
    Athanase48067Hace 3 meses

    it is currently REAL ROMAN HOURS

  • SamuraiGhost63
    SamuraiGhost63Hace 3 meses

    Oh shit my baby got buffed!!!!!! Worth the wait!

  • Lily Tran
    Lily TranHace 3 meses

    Sorry to hjack this video but why we don't have the last 2 weapons showcase video today ? I'm so confused

  • M


    Hace 3 meses

    @Lily Tran oh lol it's out now

  • Lily Tran

    Lily Tran

    Hace 3 meses

    @M oh thank you for letting me know

  • M


    Hace 3 meses

    @Lily Tran I saw Greatsword and Swtchaxe accidentally uploaded on the German channel, against rathian and somnocanth with two brand new armors. They are much more hype. Haha I'm an IG main, lance and gs secondary

  • Lily Tran

    Lily Tran

    Hace 3 meses

    I hope the last weps showcase will be better than what we got with IG though

  • M


    Hace 3 meses

    Japan is on their weekend break

  • Buschlight_97
    Buschlight_97Hace 3 meses

    Where the hunting Horn? I'm kinda like to see it soon.

  • Lincoln Landon
    Lincoln LandonHace 3 meses

    The fact that you can now do Wyvernsfire more often makes this weapon the new Trash-sword(longsword)

  • TheMacel66
    TheMacel66Hace 3 meses

    The only move i want back is the full reload guard point like in brave style God that was juicy.

  • Gray L
    Gray LHace 3 meses


  • Aprilgod Vivi
    Aprilgod ViviHace 3 meses

    They should of added the guardpoint wyvernblast a long as time ago

  • i dont have any friends
    i dont have any friendsHace 3 meses

    where the fuck are the trailers for my babies (do they skip the weekends?)

  • qWeRtY C A N

    qWeRtY C A N

    Hace 3 meses

    Seems to be the case

  • Krzysztof
    KrzysztofHace 3 meses

    Restoring sharpness... Now this is a dream come true...

  • Cheese Frog
    Cheese FrogHace 3 meses

    Where’s the hunting horn at!????

  • Aldous Orwell
    Aldous OrwellHace 3 meses

    Ah Arzuros, how I miss testing out my new gear on you back in Generations and selling your parts.

  • Yolopup 123
    Yolopup 123Hace 3 meses

    Poor Azuros

  • Orai Snek
    Orai SnekHace 3 meses


  • Levy Atã
    Levy AtãHace 3 meses

    I wonder why it's only for the Switch... Ps4 and Xbox One could handle all of this not to mention next gen consoles...

  • Cracstheidiot 69

    Cracstheidiot 69

    Hace 3 meses

    @SgCy i only heard that from a friend of mine in a discord server im in, seems he's wrong

  • SgCy


    Hace 3 meses

    @Cracstheidiot 69 Nope, that's false. RISE was made by Capcom's mobile games division specifically for the Switch. This one is a permanent Nintendo exclusive.

  • SpaceBunny 173

    SpaceBunny 173

    Hace 3 meses

    basically, the way Monster Hunter has been developed for the longest time is: -Main numbered series of the game comes out USUSALLY on a home console, made by the main series team. -G Rank version of the main game comes out sometime, adding G Rank content to the mainline game. Iceborne was World’s G Rank, for example. -Portable game using the content from the main series game as a base, made by the portable team. These games tend to be more experimental and try new changes and mechanics a lot more. Monster Hunter Rise is Monster Hunter Portable 5th, the fifth generation portable Monster Hunter game. It’s built from the ground up for the Switch and to have systems and mechanics tailored for the Switch’s features and the mobile gamer and their lifestyle.

  • Cracstheidiot 69

    Cracstheidiot 69

    Hace 3 meses

    it will come to pc in like november 2021 i belive

  • Joshua Pineda
    Joshua PinedaHace 3 meses


  • PiscesAustrinus
    PiscesAustrinusHace 3 meses

    about time you had a defensive stance while using the wyvern fire, im quite glad you guys are adding some more defensive moves to the GL, for me it made sense, so far seems all this new moves are looking great, cant wait to se my lovely charge blade in action

  • Enzo
    EnzoHace 3 meses

    The voice dubs sound horrible ..."Here comes the pain!" - Bruh this isnt anime shit

  • Kevin Escobar
    Kevin EscobarHace 3 meses

    Guess no weapon videos?

  • Large Fam

    Large Fam

    Hace 3 meses

    @jens cheruthuruthy They did accientally post some stuff on the German channel and the quality is quite a bit better than the French leak

  • jens cheruthuruthy

    jens cheruthuruthy

    Hace 3 meses

    I think they wont post anything on the weekend, so wee might need to wait until Monday

  • Tsuki no Otaku
    Tsuki no OtakuHace 3 meses

    Bruh that aerial move looks a lot like the IG drop....

  • Kermes Crimson
    Kermes CrimsonHace 3 meses


  • Rizanul 96

    Rizanul 96

    Hace 3 meses

    Charge blade and hunting horn would be the last shown Spoiler, hunting horn video use basarios armor and weapon and is crazy

  • Saiphel


    Hace 3 meses


  • Kermes Crimson
    Kermes CrimsonHace 3 meses

    Where the fuck are the videos capcom

  • Ivan Talev
    Ivan TalevHace 3 meses


  • Master Dog
    Master DogHace 3 meses

    with every one of these released, it only further exemplifies just how shafted the insect glaive was in this game. why couldnt get the glaive get anything cool? also the weapons in this game really seem like a downgrade from World in general. they all lack that extra oomph and impact that the weapons in World really had. the visuals here just dont have the same punch to them. they feel weaker.

  • angel lara

    angel lara

    Hace 2 meses

    @Javier Slytherin I've been playing since tri aswell I think I know when sound effects and visuals are lacking

  • Javier Slytherin

    Javier Slytherin

    Hace 2 meses

    @angel lara Since Monster Hunter Tri I have played every Monster Hunter. Talking shit? All classic Monster Hunters have a very similar level of effects and even lower than Monster Hunter Rise. If your clown eyes don't let you see it, it's not my problem. And even in the hypothetical case that there are less effects in some movements of some Rise weapons, that wouldn't stop Rise weapons from looking awesome. Your "arguments" are ridiculous.

  • angel lara

    angel lara

    Hace 2 meses

    @Javier Slytherin have you played any monster hunter before? Pick up gen u right now and do the sns round slash and compare it to rise before talking shit

  • Javier Slytherin

    Javier Slytherin

    Hace 2 meses

    @angel lara Oh, so you are a flashy person. Take your clowny effects to World. World had pretty bad artistic design and effects, too ornate. (Like the atrocity of Ancient Forest)

  • angel lara

    angel lara

    Hace 2 meses

    @Javier Slytherin bullshit dude weapons are missing effects like dragon piercer or how the sns round slash has almost no sound or Weight

  • peenutbutterjell
    peenutbutterjellHace 3 meses

    Wish they brought back the brave style guard point quick reload

  • Kyle Stanley
    Kyle StanleyHace 3 meses

    Damn, Gunlance is looking fuckin great. The graphics on the Wyvern Fire looks drop dead gorgeous, and I like that hail slicer.

  • shendragon
    shendragonHace 3 meses

    As a GL main.... 🤯

  • Spike Inc
    Spike IncHace 3 meses

    Please Capcom, I'm fiending for some Hunting Horn gameplay, I beg of you.

  • jens cheruthuruthy

    jens cheruthuruthy

    Hace 3 meses

    I think they didnt show us any new weapons trailler cause its weekend

  • Commander Cross

    Commander Cross

    Hace 3 meses

    Ikr. Every day they dropped the video on the dot 3 hours ago. But nothing yet. This sucks

  • Michael Ince
    Michael InceHace 3 meses

    Yes plz

  • Dakota
    DakotaHace 3 meses