[OFFICIAL] Monster Hunter Digital Event - March 8, 2021





  • NK [Neon Kript]
    NK [Neon Kript]Hace 10 días

    53:46 GORE MAGALA ??

  • Cracstheidiot 69
    Cracstheidiot 69Hace 24 días

    the live chat when chameleos is reveal doe

  • IizGrohiik
    IizGrohiikHace 29 días

    so jetzte hatte ich zeit den stream kompeltt anzuschauen. boahr ich freue mich so auf die 2 teile, besonders auf story2 da der erste schon an story sehr interessant war. aber leider habe ich kein nintendo :´( habe ich das richtig verstanden bei rise das es eine Art defender modus gibt?? o0 wow i love defender xD ich brauch ne switch und ein tv xD

  • Malazan
    MalazanHace un mes

    Now all we need is Dragons Dogma 2

  • Daniel Morales
    Daniel MoralesHace un mes

    Thank you MH ✨

  • Shawn Vang
    Shawn VangHace un mes

    What is the music for the beginning? Can't seem to find it

  • nfimisc
    nfimiscHace un mes

    Why did the associate working on MHW for console leave?

  • Brayan Diaz
    Brayan DiazHace un mes

    Ok, Monster Hunter/ CAPCOM Developers. I have a request for this game as DLC or something to think about for the future. I am a real big fan of pole arm weapons, especially two handed long spears. I am a new player to the monster hunter games and i could not help but notice that there is not any weapon that fits that criteria in the Monster Hunter series. The two handed spear is one of the most used primitive hunting weapons through out history and its not in this game? You have a One handed Lance and Shield, One handed Gun Lance and Shield , and Arial Two handed Insect Glaive. Insect glaive would be the closest to my request. However, The weapon is way to arial based and way to gimmicky with the insect. I HATE insects. Any ways, PLEASE put a two handed spear with no shield or Insect. You can call it the "LONG SPEAR". It can have decent mobility, medium speed, and it can have really cool charge up powerful thrust combos.(like the skills in FF14 for Lance/Spear called Disembowel or True Thrust). Although instead of being mainly arial or mainly ground/land based, it can be a hybrid? Maybe it could be mainly ground/land based but it would have arial wire bug abilities? I NEED THIS PLEASE CAPCOM! I WOULD ENJOY THIS GAME SO MUCH MORE IF THIS WEAPON EXISTED IN THE MONSTER HUNTER FRANCHISE!

  • Vipera217
    Vipera217Hace un mes

    is the demo 2 available at exact 12am of the 11th or it'd be after the last digital event stream?

  • Jeannie Love
    Jeannie LoveHace un mes

    The question is: if someone leaves can another person take their slot?

  • souratinet
    souratinetHace un mes

    J'aime la video

  • TomiTomate 424
    TomiTomate 424Hace un mes

    when is ps mh coming out? i kinda feel like u guys are focusing quite a lot on switch

  • Sunbro Solaire

    Sunbro Solaire

    Hace 27 días

    Bro. MHW on PS4 and Xbox got support for 3 whole years. Until now, Switch literally just had GU, which was a port of a 3DS game. Let us have our fun.

  • Corrupted Wolf
    Corrupted WolfHace un mes

    I beg that they bring it to the PS4

  • Spectre08
    Spectre08Hace un mes

    Please put Rise on other platforms like playstation and xbox as well in 2022.

  • Chaosdragon-Fox
    Chaosdragon-FoxHace un mes

    Move switching is gonna be so awesome!

  • A B
    A BHace un mes

    The mega turkey beast at the end was my favorite.

  • cey loups
    cey loupsHace un mes

    44:00 have the Dude there theostra amour ?🤔

  • Alec Kerr

    Alec Kerr

    Hace un mes

    It's volvidon armor.

  • Louis
    LouisHace un mes

    this is running on the same system as the new open world pokemon game and looks 2 generations ahead. Nintendo should give pokemon to capcom..what gamefreak is doing with the IP is just embarrassing

  • sah rizal
    sah rizalHace un mes

    29:47 click it.

  • Mang Gustin
    Mang GustinHace un mes

    Wishing for Young and Prime Lao-shan Lung... 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Dwijaksara
    DwijaksaraHace un mes

    Cant wait to get my Max Potion stolen :')

  • Tim Verwoerd
    Tim VerwoerdHace un mes


  • Red Ember
    Red EmberHace un mes

    Not a fan of having solo only quests

  • Ayy Lmao

    Ayy Lmao

    Hace 26 días

    Every mh game other than world is like this. They are the story quests and they're easier to solo than multiplayer quests.

  • Ebefren Revo
    Ebefren RevoHace un mes

    @Patrick Ormerod​, if you find this game "BORING", dude, i have bad news for you. You are dead inside. I never played a single MH before and im hyped af for this two games. Literally.

  • Florianne Acosta
    Florianne AcostaHace un mes

    Please add all the monsters from the 1st generation to the 5th generation

  • Discarded
    DiscardedHace un mes

    Monster Hunter 4 Life

  • 石川はじめ
    石川はじめHace un mes

    no forest and hills.

  • SlyWintaNinja
    SlyWintaNinjaHace un mes

    I wonder if you have to play Monster Hunter stories 1 to understand 2?

  • Laurence Anthony
    Laurence AnthonyHace un mes


  • Kevin Acuna
    Kevin AcunaHace un mes


  • Alexander Owens
    Alexander OwensHace un mes

    I'm back here just for the music at start

  • Lilu
    LiluHace un mes

    skip to 29:49

  • jase276
    jase276Hace un mes

    Between MH Rise and NieR Replicant, the outside world is over for me for the rest of the year

  • jase276
    jase276Hace un mes

    Holy shit, I didn't even know there was an event today, I was just wondering if the Monster Hunter channel put anything new up and decided to check randomly today. The game isn't even out yet and they're already giving us free DLC, The MH team are the GOATs

  • Andre Hartono
    Andre HartonoHace un mes


  • Keon Hobgood
    Keon HobgoodHace un mes

    Let’s rise up switch nation and get this game to sell 20 million copies! let’s show em where monster hunter belongs!

  • Ixillius
    IxilliusHace un mes

    I hope we get some news confirming or denying cross save between switch and pc during these digital events.

  • Warmer Gosling
    Warmer GoslingHace un mes

    39:46 Valor??

  • yozoradreamz
    yozoradreamzHace un mes

    monster hunter was like *YALL EATIN TODAY*

  • Vivid
    VividHace un mes

    Does no one will talk about that groovy Minoto Vocals at the end?

  • Mohamed Belbaali
    Mohamed BelbaaliHace un mes

    Is MH stories just Pokemon MH edition ?

  • Estaveler 32
    Estaveler 32Hace un mes

    Magnamalp in the demo I can already see tds finish it in less than 5 minutes

  • Edward Balitanas
    Edward BalitanasHace un mes

    To "reset" number of tries. Me deleting my save file and putting in more than 8 hours in the demo.

  • Estaveler 32
    Estaveler 32Hace un mes

    Rampage mode or monster hunter tower defense Bloons has trained me for this day

  • Michael Ince
    Michael InceHace un mes

    Can’t wait

  • •Luinkquest •
    •Luinkquest •Hace un mes

    Does anyone know what this is going to be about

  • Estaveler 32
    Estaveler 32Hace un mes

    I wonder if you wyvern ride chameleos they can turn invisible so its you floating in mid air

  • Phillip Jett
    Phillip JettHace un mes

    Was really hoping the hub quest and village quest would be joined like world. I hate having to progress in the village solo.

  • Darthjedi 101
    Darthjedi 101Hace un mes

    53:46 Did I just hear the Gore Magala roar??????

  • Corey
    CoreyHace un mes

    Can Capcom send some of their MH Rise developers to Game Freak & help them with Pokemon Legends? It's insane how good they got this game looking, meanwhile Pokemon Legends is releasing in a year & looks ROUGH.

  • Scott Pilgrym
    Scott PilgrymHace un mes

    No campaign multiplayer?

  • Torquosis LivingManPerson
    Torquosis LivingManPersonHace un mes

    Awesome, when is it coming to Xbox though? Never? Word. Guess I'll go FUCK myself. I can barely afford a next-gen, let alone a Switch.

  • Torquosis LivingManPerson

    Torquosis LivingManPerson

    Hace un mes

    Also, I find it weird Capcom and Nintendo didn't include a Zelda/Mario Themed Armor. Or maybe like an Exclusive Monster. Like Mega Bowser.

  • LtChokeMeDaddy
    LtChokeMeDaddyHace un mes

    capcom...please make monster hunter game for mobile because not everyone can afford a switch....please capcom please...

  • The Drunk Zaku
    The Drunk ZakuHace un mes

    Thunder puppo is back 💞🥂

  • GUNSjk
    GUNSjkHace un mes

    Will there be an option to turn off in-game voices? Also, I had an issue in World:Ice Born where the event quests were not marked as complete after completing them. So going back to World after a few days I lost track on what events I finished. Will Event quests be marked as completed with a little check mark or stamp in Rise?

  • Aymen Alameddine

    Aymen Alameddine

    Hace un mes

    @GUNSjk well fortunately these are completely new characters we’ll hopefully get to enjoy

  • GUNSjk


    Hace un mes

    @Aymen Alameddine No loading zones in world was a good choice and I'm glad its a main stay. The only thing about world I hated was the dumb Handler's character.

  • Aymen Alameddine

    Aymen Alameddine

    Hace un mes

    @GUNSjk and probably get used to certain changes that world has made as well like big open maps with no loading screens in between and such

  • GUNSjk


    Hace un mes

    @Aymen Alameddine YES! Thanks for the reply.

  • Aymen Alameddine

    Aymen Alameddine

    Hace un mes

    While I can’t really say anything about the event quests. I know you can change the voices to Japanese or monster hunters in-world language. And yes you can turn down the frequency of the voices or straight up remove them

  • nerudito
    neruditoHace un mes


  • Blood Blossom
    Blood BlossomHace un mes

    The paid dlc part made me sad and disappointed

  • CommDante


    Hace un mes

    You just know they took out all the kewl ones and you have to pay like 3,50 per hairstyle or something to use it. Also, never will have the complete game / all options unless you buy them all extra, besides already having paid for a full priced game! REALLY DISSAPOINTED!

    GOD TPSHace un mes

    Skip to 29:50 shortcut

    ANAN POWERHace un mes


  • Hinson
    HinsonHace un mes

    Why palamutes can't carry maximum of two players so multiplayer can have much more options instead of all bringing palamutes when play with friends?

  • KGhaleon
    KGhaleonHace un mes

    Nooo Chameleos, stop taking all my potions!

  • Frenzied Unicorn Productions
    Frenzied Unicorn ProductionsHace un mes

    So HR unlock comes later. To give People an inscentive to Go and Play the Story instead of cheesing into 999. God this is gonna be so Glorious.

  • YT Heltrato
    YT HeltratoHace un mes

    MH World players: who are this monsters? Plesioth with Op hitbox: Lucky innocent kids

  • Dion
    DionHace un mes

    This only gets better and better!!

  • Drip Ina
    Drip InaHace un mes

    DLC Seiyuu moans

  • charles poliquit
    charles poliquitHace un mes

    palamute pug pls

  • Guillermo García Manjarrez
    Guillermo García ManjarrezHace un mes

    Wow tinder hunter 10/10

  • Hamza Zubairi
    Hamza ZubairiHace un mes

    Love that they separated story and hub quests again

  • Tomas S
    Tomas SHace un mes

    Rakna-Kadaki is fun to say.

  • TomatoBoi
    TomatoBoiHace un mes

    👀there it is. The second demo.

  • That Anon who lurks moar
    That Anon who lurks moarHace un mes

    PC mustard rice

  • Captain Kaveman
    Captain KavemanHace un mes

    Bring back Lagi!!

  • Meanmug
    MeanmugHace un mes

    2K. Pay for haircuts?

  • PapiHanzygaming777
    PapiHanzygaming777Hace un mes

    46 of ya'll missed the like button...The hell? LOL Anyway! I"M SO HYPEE!! Hunters Unite!!!

  • Elias Schnetzer
    Elias SchnetzerHace un mes

    Can you re-join a quest if you get disconnected? :)

  • Elijah Watson
    Elijah WatsonHace un mes

    Man, the series has honestly evolved and it makes me so happy. Starting in tri the series got its hooks in and hasn't let go.

  • UnlikeYeast
    UnlikeYeastHace un mes


  • Bree
    BreeHace un mes

    The 26th can't come fast enough!!

  • Ceus Ex
    Ceus ExHace un mes

    There better be an NPC voice or Mr. T.

  • Kauli
    KauliHace un mes

    do u guys drop the collectors edition another time in your or other shops?? dont want to buy it from a reseller für 100% more

  • Skogles
    SkoglesHace un mes

    No more micro transactions on release day, cmon people... like if its ready on release day, it should be in the game. Stop mugging us

  • Skogles


    Hace un mes

    @Sacha Nadeau theres going to be some free dlc, but there s going to be day one buyable cosmetic pieces. If they are ready at the time of release, they should be included with the game.

  • Sacha Nadeau

    Sacha Nadeau

    Hace un mes

    It’s free dlc not a micro transaction

  • TheSilverazo
    TheSilverazoHace un mes

    Damn the voices suck

  • SexxStar
    SexxStarHace un mes

    how can i customize my character when theres paid dlc for hair,voices, and such :(((((

  • TobySceptiman


    Hace un mes

    Is Just the npc ones, and they are really cheap.

  • Never Lander
    Never LanderHace un mes

    Can't wait for the Rise version of the Zinogre theme

  • Pablo Limonta
    Pablo LimontaHace un mes

    Can't wait. All the new info just further increased hype

  • Shadowslash1
    Shadowslash1Hace un mes

    Nargacuga, we meet again on the field of battle. I've gotten stronger, my rival, I sure hope you can keep up (my fave monster is confirmed XD ). Also I guess the meme was right, Chameleos was there the whole time, now his presence has been seen. I have to say though, the only thing I didn't like in Rise was giving away the flagship monster so early. I personally think that should be the big treat when we go in finally reaching the flagship after all our hard work fighting our way up to it. Though the fact that they did this early instead of giving us a rampage to do in the demo tells me that story-wise, Magnomalo is more directly involved with it. In fact, he could already be getting started assembling monsters by coming this early, meaning we might get this flagship early in progression. Either way, I'll be skipping the Mag demo fight Stories 2 was lookin great. Hope we get some elder dragon monsties this time round (I think only japan got two elder dragons last time)

  • E A
    E AHace un mes

    Hanggang tingin na lang muna

  • BinTalib
    BinTalibHace un mes

    man, I Love monster hunter Team

  • Victor Vasconcellos
    Victor VasconcellosHace un mes

    I hope the updates aren't timed events like World... that said the trailer was SICK!

  • CommDante


    Hace un mes

    The updates are just updates/unlocks. The events won't be timed, probably downloadable and after unlocking, the event can be done whenever you want, like in older MH games. -From interview. Really glad myself, hardly done any events in MH:w since either IRL was in the way, or I just wanted to focus on something else when event was going. In the end I just ignored them as it was rather frustrating imo.

  • Edward Escalante
    Edward EscalanteHace un mes

    Will Monster Hunter: World get a Monoblos someday? 😔

  • funny robot
    funny robotHace un mes

    giving lance aerial mobility? You Done Fucked Up And Gave Me Demoknight

  • Shaokahn The Centurion
    Shaokahn The CenturionHace un mes

    46:40 wasn’t expecting anjanath

  • Skyblade 743
    Skyblade 743Hace un mes

    Why is half of the video just the countdown, lmao.

  • Marcus Matibag
    Marcus MatibagHace un mes

    Did I just see Valor Longsword Finisher?

  • MJ Visitac
    MJ VisitacHace un mes

    Because of the SIms, "Woohoo" means totally different in my book. LOL

  • LuigionGaming
    LuigionGamingHace un mes

    I'm so mad that navirous voice wasn't the annoying one from the anime 😢

  • Phoebe H
    Phoebe HHace un mes

    relationship ended with pokémon, now monster hunter is my best friend.

  • Malazan


    Hace un mes

    Monster hunter has been superior for a long time and keeps getting better

  • Yian Garuga

    Yian Garuga

    Hace un mes

    Yup.. It takes special skill to ruin a fan that's been loving a franchise for 20 years but somehow TPC still managed to pull it off

  • Brandon Boltinghouse

    Brandon Boltinghouse

    Hace un mes

    Same thing happened to me lol

  • K MH

    K MH

    Hace un mes

    when a game that isn't like Pokemon does a better Pokemon through wyvern riding you know Gamefreak are laziest

  • Blastoise Buddy

    Blastoise Buddy

    Hace un mes


  • XiloTheOdd
    XiloTheOddHace un mes

    Finally Chameleos! i missed him... though we always made jokes when something went awry in World it was him cloaked somewhere effing with you.

  • Joseph Stephens
    Joseph StephensHace un mes

    I love this franchise so much and both of these new games are leaps and bounds beyond everything I've wanted for a playable experience! Thanks so much to the developers for making such an immersive and fun experience!!!!!

  • Aqarzy
    AqarzyHace un mes

    Traditional / MHGU player here... I believe they’re adding some combat and quality of life features from World... any tips/suggestions on what I should be getting used to? Thanks. (Hoping for a reply...)

  • Aymen Alameddine

    Aymen Alameddine

    Hace un mes

    Well I suppose get used to learning the wire bug and how endemic life works. But like with any new monster hunter release, get used to the environments and the monsters in them