Monster Hunter Rise - Heavy Bowgun


Outstanding, overpowering ordnance. The Heavy Bowgun channels its weight into firepower, being able to load Wyvernheart or Wyvernsnipe ammo to cover any range or situation. #MHRise
"Free Silkbind Glide" is a silkbind attack that allows for fast repositioning with multiple follow-up options.


  • pedramcq
    pedramcqHace 12 días

    I hate what they have done to heavy bowgun. The thing I hate? Wyvern snipe =_= It's not fun imo. It's just a pierce and sticky ammo put together! Not to mention if you miss or don't get as many hits as you hoped! With wyvern heart you may miss but still got tons of time to correct yourself or to put the special cartridge away. Most of the better guns are all wyvern snipe and it really TICKS me off >_> At this rate, I feel like they just need to have players just pick their option between heart and snipe... That's my opinion anyway, could be wrong could be right. I just know that I am not having fun with my favorite weapon U_U

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan GonzalezHace 26 días

    I wonder if they are bringing back the rapid fire form from mh4u?

  • OnePunchJacob
    OnePunchJacobHace un mes

    This armor set makes me feel like I’m about to play Doom. All I need is a spread LBG xD

  • Metallic Divination
    Metallic DivinationHace 2 meses

    So basically... Iceborn, but back in handheld purgatory.

  • Clifford


    Hace un mes

    youre special

  • jewmanji


    Hace un mes


  • Valentin V.
    Valentin V.Hace 2 meses

    So how do I use the special wire bug attacks while using the Heavy Bow Gun? Normaly you hold ZL while your weapon is out to use a wire bug move. However the guns use ZL for aiming. :/

  • Jason TriniSteel Alexander
    Jason TriniSteel AlexanderHace 2 meses

    Wish the 1st silk bind would actually work in the demo 😕

  • Jason TriniSteel Alexander

    Jason TriniSteel Alexander

    Hace un mes

    @Sunbro Solaire okay I'll try that Thanks 😊

  • Sunbro Solaire

    Sunbro Solaire

    Hace un mes

    It does. You just have to perform a directional input I believe.

  • Shadow Souls
    Shadow SoulsHace 2 meses

    So I can be a space marine awesome and by awesome I mean AWESOME!!!! And FOR THE EMPEROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shadow Souls

    Shadow Souls

    Hace 2 meses

    Grab the heavy Flamer Brothers

  • Jacob Sanchez
    Jacob SanchezHace 3 meses

    Doom guy in monster hunter

  • Mon trainer ash D
    Mon trainer ash DHace 3 meses

    Breaking news, Young woman clad in the skin of innocents guns down a baboon

  • Neal Jenneve
    Neal JenneveHace 3 meses

    Haft of the shots didnt even make contact😂 They really need to fix HBG!!!

  • TRM


    Hace 25 días

    It's been turned down for trailer purposes

  • Clifford


    Hace un mes

    you need to fix your aim

  • Francesco Salvia
    Francesco SalviaHace 3 meses

    "Some Monster think they can outsmart me....maybe *sniffs* maybe..." "I have yet to meet one who can outsmart bullet"

  • Winter Song
    Winter SongHace 3 meses

    How do you use silkbind with the Heavy Bowgun? I tried to use them in the demo but it didn't work.

  • Winter Song

    Winter Song

    Hace 3 meses

    @GIG_Gaming Thanks

  • GIG_Gaming


    Hace 3 meses

    Gunners use R+X/A instead

  • Doggieworld3
    Doggieworld3Hace 3 meses

    A counter? Watch out now!

  • Cottonceed
    CottonceedHace 3 meses

    Please tell me you can turn off your hunter's voice..

  • 9 baka

    9 baka

    Hace 3 meses

    You can turn it to english japanese mh gibberish

  • Winter Song

    Winter Song

    Hace 3 meses

    Yeah you can.

  • Crusader Croot
    Crusader CrootHace 3 meses

    The heavy from team fortress 2

  • fishrcool
    fishrcoolHace 3 meses

    Everyone else:the heavy bowgun looks sick Me:cant wait to farm for the tetranodon armor

  • Mathieu Lazari
    Mathieu LazariHace 3 meses

    The hunter is talking. I REPEAT , THE HUNTER IS TALKING

  • Sunbro Solaire

    Sunbro Solaire

    Hace 3 meses

    Yeah. The hunter has been talking for months.

  • Jeib Ski
    Jeib SkiHace 3 meses

    Okay, I am looking forward to this now. HBG main in World, and this looks a little better now.

  • Astrobleme
    AstroblemeHace 3 meses

    I CANT WAIT!!!! How will I survive until March!?!?!

  • Astrobleme


    Hace 3 meses

    @Winter Song downloaded it this afternoon, hopefully it will sooth my craving.

  • Winter Song

    Winter Song

    Hace 3 meses

    With the demo

  • Jaime Salvador García
    Jaime Salvador GarcíaHace 3 meses

    As a proud hbg main, I personnally hope they tone it down a bit this time. That or that they make the hbg even more broken than in mhgu. As much as I’d like to be able to just shrug it off, all those never ending comments about hbg being too op and a noob weapon are starting to affect me. It’s sad, because I used to not care, and those were better times. But since mh went mainstream, many toxic mindsets have been introduced to the community. I don’t want to be judged for my weapon choice. I can pretend I don’t care, but in the end it still gets to me, and it sucks.

  • hero medley
    hero medleyHace 3 meses

    damn the one silkbind where you anchor yourself to the ground.

  • redfinale
    redfinaleHace 3 meses

    0:15 monkey-wyvern's got some moves

  • Gary Hammer
    Gary HammerHace 3 meses

    Looks like a zaku 2 moble unit

  • GoToBedSheeva
    GoToBedSheevaHace 3 meses

    That movement skill bout to make HBG top tier again

  • felix Payer
    felix PayerHace 3 meses

    I am hyped to play this on pc

  • The Firesword Dragon
    The Firesword DragonHace 3 meses

    Heavy Bowgun's most obvious drawback was its horrible mobility. It was so bad, even in World, that you could only use it with a good team and setup. Obviously, Capcom knew this, and made BOTH of the new skills centred around mobility and protection. Now the Heavy Bowgun's low mobility and lack of proper defence are solved.

  • sweaty spaghetti
    sweaty spaghettiHace 3 meses

    this confirms my theory that the composers are slightly editing pop songs, you can clearly hear a part that sounds like the riff from whisky in the jar by Metallica between 0:09 nd 0:15

  • Captain KG
    Captain KGHace 3 meses

    "Monster huntin's a good job, mate! 'S challenging work, out-a-doors...I guarantee you'll not go hungry, 'cause at the end of the day, long as there's at least one monster on this planet, someone's gonna want something dead."

  • AzureRoxe
    AzureRoxeHace 3 meses

    Good lord, they gave Heavy Bowgun a counter.

  • LCD Feenix
    LCD FeenixHace 3 meses

    Anyone else notice at 0:09 how it seems like the HBG charged up a regular shot? Does this mean HBG can charge bullets now???

  • Sovetsky Soyuz

    Sovetsky Soyuz

    Hace 3 meses

    I think it will work like rapid fire for LBG, also it keep low magazine HBG shine. In previous version HBG have siege mode use for spam with about 10-30 ammo per use, but it's not useful by lack mobility

  • alida flus
    alida flusHace 3 meses

    If they only bring back crouching fire this would be perfect :)

  • Sacred Terrador
    Sacred TerradorHace 3 meses

    Please tell me they’re gonna bring back the WyvernHeart from World. I can live without it, but can you really call it living if you can’t unload hot lead into the monster in a continuous 15 second stream?

  • Matheus Freitas
    Matheus FreitasHace 3 meses

    I hear the VA for my char ^^

  • alida flus

    alida flus

    Hace 3 meses

    Gotta I like that male armor tho if we can re colour armor Jin Roh the wolf brigade vibes

  • Corbin Banks
    Corbin BanksHace 3 meses

    Woah, hbg actually looks kinda fun in this game

  • HuddledEragon
    HuddledEragonHace 3 meses

    Once I get this game I'm turning off my hunters capability to speak and put it in in Monster Hunter language.

  • dolita windo
    dolita windoHace 3 meses

    If they only bring back crouching fire this would be perfect :)

  • Eli Gonzales
    Eli GonzalesHace 3 meses

    that armor tho. I want it.

  • hinatalovetonaruto
    hinatalovetonarutoHace 3 meses

    Gota tell you ima spend a while trying to decide which voice to give my character. It has to be just right xD

  • dolita windo

    dolita windo

    Hace 3 meses


  • der andi
    der andiHace 3 meses

    Is that luffys (one piece) dub voice actress? She sounds really familiar

  • Еримей Свечников
    Еримей СвечниковHace 3 meses

    I'm down right happy that The Heavy Blowgun finally gain great mobility option & the way to attacking with out interrupted with the counter option,i love this mechanic!!! Keep going, Monster Hunter developers!!!😆🤗😇

  • GM
    GMHace 3 meses

    Me - whips out my "heavy bowgun" your Mom - 0:25

  • gioyu comi

    gioyu comi

    Hace 3 meses

    Zaku unit Gundam in monster Hunter lol

  • Not Not
    Not NotHace 3 meses

    I just want infinite wyvern heart ammo on my HBG. you can take away all my other ammo and nerf the damage by 50%, but please, give it to me.

  • Ahab Mc one-leg
    Ahab Mc one-legHace 3 meses


  • Jose Fernandez
    Jose FernandezHace 3 meses

    This is anime as fcuk!

  • Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan

    Hace 3 meses

    I hope there will be decent slicing ammo HBG in rise, they never return slicing in MHW, so sad

  • Brodie Spies
    Brodie SpiesHace 3 meses

    Gunner Guild, roll call!

  • mimikyu
    mimikyuHace 3 meses

    What is that monster I've never seen that one before

  • Sunbro Solaire

    Sunbro Solaire

    Hace 3 meses

    That’s a new monster known as Bishaten. It’s a fanged beast and was first shown off in the latest trailer. Its design is based off of the Karasu-Tengu from Japanese mythology.

  • Johnathan Murray
    Johnathan MurrayHace 3 meses

    You get a counter, and you get a counter and you get a counter!

  • darkxaur
    darkxaurHace 3 meses


  • Cptbravo2211
    Cptbravo2211Hace 3 meses

    Gotta I like that male armor tho if we can re colour armor Jin Roh the wolf brigade vibes

  • 苺大爆発
    苺大爆発Hace 3 meses

    The most OP weapon gets even more OP. Nice

  • Mr Nukes
    Mr NukesHace 3 meses


  • Dark Madbat
    Dark MadbatHace 3 meses


  • dirtyzombiedude
    dirtyzombiedudeHace 3 meses

    Ive never used a bowgun before but this might be the first mh i try it unless the IG and SA look equally impressive

  • bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss

    Hace 3 meses

    repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death. (II Corinthians 7:10 [KJV])

  • TheBoricuaGamer
    TheBoricuaGamerHace 3 meses


  • FredO
    FredOHace 3 meses

    Loving the Tetronadon male armor, reminds me of the anime movie Jin-roh Wolfsbrigade police armor.

  • A’amone Samiit-Baur
    A’amone Samiit-BaurHace 3 meses

    Ok but the armor on the left? That’s sick as hell

  • MoonreY
    MoonreYHace 3 meses

    Zaku unit Gundam in monster Hunter lol

  • Ray Zhang
    Ray ZhangHace 3 meses

    We have all these cool new tools and speedrunners will still just use spread/pierce to kill everything under 1 min

  • Anas Wicaksono
    Anas WicaksonoHace 3 meses

    I hope there will be decent slicing ammo HBG in rise, they never return slicing in MHW, so sad

  • GoldenRushter
    GoldenRushterHace 3 meses

    I dont want new moves, neither new ammo. I just want an actual good camera. Who on Capcom said "Yeah lets remove the option to disable the camera switchin side while aiming". That option should be in-game from release.. its so annoyin when the camera switch sides and your aim went a bit to left-right so you have to aim correctly again.

  • Adriano Bocci
    Adriano BocciHace 3 meses

    No turret mode for either bowgun. Are we gonna get the fucking ability to keep firing shots without repressing the button for 12 times, or not?

  • 게보이
    게보이Hace 3 meses

    LBG : I have better mobility then HBG. HBG : Hold my wire bug.

  • Solace
    SolaceHace 3 meses

    Breakdancing monke

  • Dupaths
    DupathsHace 3 meses

    *cries in crouching fire*

  • pida siouy
    pida siouyHace 3 meses

    The counter looks so cool. Maybe I'll try a shotgun build

  • MW Brill
    MW BrillHace 3 meses

    I have a new missive from an HBG main to all monsters It says, you're a HERETIC!

  • Mackenzie Burton
    Mackenzie BurtonHace 3 meses

    no offense to the hbg mains but im more of a hammer main myself

  • pida siouy

    pida siouy

    Hace 3 meses

    Just saw the sns. Large kulu.

  • contrite sinner
    contrite sinnerHace 3 meses

    I said, LORD, be merciful unto me: heal my soul; for I have sinned against thee. (Psalms 41:4 [KJV]) When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. (Mark 2:17 [KJV]) For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death. (II Corinthians 7:10 [KJV])

  • LivingEidolon
    LivingEidolonHace 3 meses

    When I get that armor that makes me look like a Zaku, that's all I'm ever gonna wear!

  • Strange Encounter
    Strange EncounterHace 3 meses

    Armor and weapons already cooler than world

  • Vinokai
    VinokaiHace 3 meses

    Can't wait to start Blastin'

  • I need Water
    I need WaterHace 3 meses

    Looks like capcom unlocked a new song for the Big booms HBG Division

  • Tommy Munoz
    Tommy MunozHace 3 meses

    Voice overs are annoying.

  • Elyrium


    Hace 3 meses

    Can be turned off

  • Noble Alfred
    Noble AlfredHace 3 meses

    The heavy bowgun is like: What if light bowgun was shit.

  • Houston Raver
    Houston RaverHace 3 meses

    I'm not liking the new voice lines I rather have then just say ahhhhh

  • Elyrium


    Hace 3 meses

    You can turn them off, so you will only hear ahhhhh

  • Keilink
    KeilinkHace 3 meses

    No snipe shot? :

  • Dezert Punk
    Dezert PunkHace 3 meses

    No way this is running on base switch hardware. Either switch "pro" or a serious downgrade will happen.

  • Dezert Punk

    Dezert Punk

    Hace 3 meses

    @Elyrium I'm not saying it won't drop on the current switch I'm just saying it won't look like that when it does unless you buy the next model coming out early next year. Kind of like the ps4 pro or xbonex

  • Dezert Punk

    Dezert Punk

    Hace 3 meses

    @Elyrium you can't "optimise" that level of detail in an open area that large on the current switch cpu, it's just not possible.

  • Elyrium


    Hace 3 meses

    It's called optimising. It indeed runs on a regular switch

  • The Traveler
    The TravelerHace 3 meses

    So, HBG gets a counterattack in a similar vein to the Lance? Cool.

  • GuremX
    GuremXHace 3 meses

    as a katana and light bowgun user I'm definately being appealed to by this and thats even though I hate the sluggishness of a heavy.

  • Hailstormful
    HailstormfulHace 3 meses

    "Thank you!" **HEAVY MACHINE GUN!!!**

  • FooFightersFan77
    FooFightersFan77Hace 3 meses

    This is really cool looking, might make me use hbg more. Now if you'll excuse me there's business to attend to. Ahem. HUNTING HORN WHEN? HUNTING HORN WHEN? HUNTING HORN WHEN?

  • Bobugyuwae Zalik
    Bobugyuwae ZalikHace 3 meses

    Friendly reminder, the game is a timed exclusive and will come to other platforms.

  • Bobugyuwae Zalik

    Bobugyuwae Zalik

    Hace 3 meses

    @Elyrium The leak happened in November of this year after Capcom was victim to a cyber attack with about a terabyte of data was stolen. Capcom even made a statement last month.

  • Elyrium


    Hace 3 meses

    The leak is fake, dude. Itxs 3 years old and mentioned the game becoming a PvP game

  • Sunbro Solaire

    Sunbro Solaire

    Hace 3 meses

    Who said it was timed? The leaks?

  • DAD5Draco
    DAD5DracoHace 3 meses

    Just saw the sns. Large kulu.

  • Ryan0107 Gaming
    Ryan0107 GamingHace 3 meses

    This is PC gameplay i assume. Cause switch version didn’t look close to this

  • Ryan0107 Gaming

    Ryan0107 Gaming

    Hace 3 meses

    @Elyrium it’s coming out to pc later 2021. It’s gonna be early exclusive for switch for some time

  • Elyrium


    Hace 3 meses

    It is switch gameplay tho, it won't come to PC.

  • Mr.Meeseeks the 1st
    Mr.Meeseeks the 1stHace 3 meses

    Armor looks like a cross between a Zaku and a Ninja turtle

  • Bamcorp Gaming
    Bamcorp GamingHace 3 meses

    that armor looks SICK. reminds me of 40k

  • Jo Sim
    Jo SimHace 3 meses

    Not accurate! If that is a real hbg then that monster should already be dead

  • Lemonz-418
    Lemonz-418Hace 3 meses

    So is the dakakakakaka back from world? I couldn't tell.

  • Zayne Patrick
    Zayne PatrickHace 3 meses

    I actually thought that 2nd hbg looks like yama hbg

  • Miko Nora
    Miko NoraHace 3 meses

    Was that english dub Gon from HxH?

  • Sup ?
    Sup ?Hace 3 meses

    Rest in piece heavy bowgun, yet another weapon ruined by world.

  • Jaime Salvador García

    Jaime Salvador García

    Hace 3 meses

    Mind explaining what you mean by ruined? What changed that made it worse for you?

  • DrDarkjor
    DrDarkjorHace 3 meses

    Feeling the Light version more

  • ThatAsian Waiter
    ThatAsian WaiterHace 3 meses

    Will Wyvernfire level 2 and level be added for HBG yet? Since they took it out from Tri, and I'm still waiting for thee return of my super explosive rounds....

  • M5
    M5Hace 3 meses

    No one gonna talk about how HBG can basically hop now? This thing is basically getting some Lance flavor here and I love it.

  • LRookie
    LRookieHace 3 meses

    Put Heavy Refrence Quick !!

  • Fivestar5000
    Fivestar5000Hace 3 meses

    Mhw was my first one. I'm addicted cuz I'm gunna buy a switch now for this.

  • Darkfire
    DarkfireHace 3 meses

    I hope you can turn the CaC speech off, I dont like it, feels kind of cringe

  • Elyrium


    Hace 3 meses

    @Darkfire yes

  • Darkfire


    Hace 3 meses

    @Sup ? can you turn it off for other people as well?

  • Sup ?

    Sup ?

    Hace 3 meses

    Yeah I don’t like it either but I’m pretty sure they confirmed that it can be turned off

  • Anonymous Empire
    Anonymous EmpireHace 3 meses

    "SAY GOODBYE!!" Proceeds to have to shoot the monster 500 more times, if only the dialogue could match up to what was happening, like seriously, if the monster was weak the game could have missed out on the chance on the hunter saying "It's limping, must chase it down" Or We're so close let's not cart just yet Or even "I sense another monster coming" if there's another running into the same locale. Like that would have made dialogue so immersive and beneficial to even new players to track monsters and know if they are close to completing the mission, this is just cringe yelling, lol.

  • Mr Obscene
    Mr ObsceneHace 3 meses

    Lol they really be out here taking moves from Toukiden.

  • Sunbro Solaire

    Sunbro Solaire

    Hace 3 meses

    @Eko Subandie It’s still a pretty cool series if you ask me.

  • Eko Subandie

    Eko Subandie

    Hace 3 meses

    Toukiden is dead, mate. Let that sink in.

  • Sunbro Solaire

    Sunbro Solaire

    Hace 3 meses

    There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from something.

  • Nuke Dragon118
    Nuke Dragon118Hace 3 meses

    So is this going to have slap on. On the weapons or is that only a mhw exclusively if so that pretty shitty showing that they like restrict them selfs make armor weapons in mhw I’m pretty sure that no one will forget this there’s a chanson might happen o well

  • Elyrium


    Hace 3 meses

    Slap on's are World exclusive. This game has unique designs for all weapons, devs confirmed that