Monster Hunter Rise - Light Bowgun


Versatile combat at any range. The Light Bowgun excels at various roles, from rapid-fire barraging to inflicting status ailments, and supporting the hunting party. #MHRise
"Fanning Vault" is a silkbind attack that vaults you into the air to rain down shots from above, reload, or even fire a Wyvernblast directly below.


  • seraphimprince
    seraphimprinceHace 16 días

    I didn't like the guns in World, but I like the LBG in Rise. Mostly for the aiming reticle. Using it is like using guns in other games.

  • DAD5Draco
    DAD5DracoHace 27 días

    Yo the aerial move is viable now? Let me in on this!

  • bluemonster666
    bluemonster666Hace 28 días

    First MH game and Light Bowgun is going to be my main! Super excited

  • TRM


    Hace 26 días

    Is rise your first MH game? If so make sure you try out all weapons in the training area before making a decision. I hope you enjoy rise

  • The Forsaken Cookie
    The Forsaken CookieHace un mes

    0:37 Yo so can stick a wyvernblast on a monster now!??!?!?!

  • 땅콩야끼
    땅콩야끼Hace un mes


  • Enderslayer906 Coates
    Enderslayer906 CoatesHace un mes

    0:17 Look closely at Tobi's left side

  • Felipe Araújo
    Felipe AraújoHace un mes

    0:17 Chameleos!

  • JDasherX
    JDasherXHace un mes

    this whole time, we never saw that chameleos at 0:17 huh

  • Raid Rider

    Raid Rider

    Hace un mes

    @Adrian Arenas where

  • Adrian Arenas

    Adrian Arenas

    Hace un mes

    Nvm I found it

  • Adrian Arenas

    Adrian Arenas

    Hace un mes

    Still can't see it

  • Enderslayer906 Coates

    Enderslayer906 Coates

    Hace un mes

    They hid it REALLY well

  • Victor Gnoato
    Victor GnoatoHace un mes

    wait so the bowguns are finally gonna be a dinamic weapon? not just stationary bang bang? 🤭

  • Christos Koukougiannis
    Christos KoukougiannisHace 2 meses

    Tobi Kadachi fits surprisingly well in the Flooded Forest

  • Eavy Eavy
    Eavy EavyHace 3 meses

    *FPS intensifies*

  • AllmightyGir
    AllmightyGirHace 3 meses

    No way Kadachi is in this? What about the Seltas?

  • Sunbro Solaire

    Sunbro Solaire

    Hace 3 meses

    Seltas and Tobi Kadachi go together?

  • the3rdbeyond
    the3rdbeyondHace 3 meses

    It’s bazelgeuse time

  • Korben Joseph
    Korben JosephHace 3 meses

    Man, LBG got a better aerial silkbind move than IG

  • felix Payer
    felix PayerHace 3 meses

    I am hyped to play this on pc

  • VulcanFaux
    VulcanFauxHace 3 meses

    Wait... is the rapid fire faster now?

  • The Firesword Dragon
    The Firesword DragonHace 3 meses

    Light Bowgun has always been a rough choice, being better at mobility than the Heavy, but lacking a lot of the strengths of the Heavy as well. How to fix that? Give it even more mobility. A Bowgun’s biggest weakness is positioning; fail to be in the right place at the right time can cause severe problems.

  • Joel Dez
    Joel DezHace 3 meses

    "Versatile combat at any range. The Light Bowgun excels at various roles, from rapid-fire barraging to inflicting status ailments, and supporting the hunting party." They should change this to "rapid sticky to face and ko every monster for the whole fight" instead, cause that's all you see nowadays haha

  • Medic GamingTM
    Medic GamingTMHace 3 meses


  • saltbringer
    saltbringerHace 3 meses

    No full auto in buildings ! That's not full auto, this is

  • crankypipo
    crankypipoHace 3 meses


  • Deviltamer
    DeviltamerHace 3 meses

    Where is the heavy special ammo evade shot ?? Where is the cool wounding shot Animation ?

  • Derek Zoolander
    Derek ZoolanderHace 3 meses

    Are counter mines still in?

  • Little Memes
    Little MemesHace 3 meses

    Armor looks like bird Wyvern I’m saying either a kula ya ku or a great jaggi

  • Little Memes

    Little Memes

    Hace 3 meses

    Oh yea

  • Sunbro Solaire

    Sunbro Solaire

    Hace 3 meses

    Neither. That’s Great Izuchi armor.

  • Sealed TugBoat
    Sealed TugBoatHace 3 meses

    The way each attack changes with the different amo types will be so fun to see.

  • Nicholas Ohmann
    Nicholas OhmannHace 3 meses

    hey, notice how all the ammo shots were low recoil?

  • Miguel Santos
    Miguel SantosHace 3 meses

    This game is essentially monster hunter world mixed with monster hunter generations, nothing new here , Lol, So much for, soywich exclusive

  • Sunbro Solaire

    Sunbro Solaire

    Hace 3 meses

    Judging by the other comments i’ve seen from you, you seem to be depressed that Rise is exclusive. So instead of crying in comment sections like Capcom is listening, just play games that you actually enjoy.

  • Riley Kong
    Riley KongHace 3 meses

    We can do without the voice lines, please. Thank you.

  • TRM


    Hace 26 días

    You can turn voices off

  • TonyKanameKuran


    Hace 3 meses

    Stick to playing The Sims instead, noob.

  • Afiresalamander
    AfiresalamanderHace 3 meses

    Such a shame this is only out on switch

  • TRM


    Hace 26 días

    @TonyKanameKuran Don't give veterans a bad name. No need for toxicity. You are completely right but if you respond like this, you will be sending people away.

  • Kid chaor

    Kid chaor

    Hace 3 meses

    Like world

  • TonyKanameKuran


    Hace 3 meses

    So fucking what? The Monster Hunter series on portables sells big time in Japan.

  • Ashion Blackmon
    Ashion BlackmonHace 3 meses

    Let's go!!!

  • Ke She
    Ke SheHace 3 meses

    I hope they keep the high newb armour for Bow/Guns from World.

  • Kyle Stanley
    Kyle StanleyHace 3 meses

    I'm not gonna lie, that actually looked really fun.

  • DJ Dedf1sh
    DJ Dedf1shHace 3 meses

    Return of Medium Bowgun when?

  • Chloe the lucario
    Chloe the lucarioHace 3 meses

    Wait theirs guns?

  • Sunbro Solaire

    Sunbro Solaire

    Hace 3 meses

    Yeah. There’s a bow too. Are you new to the series?

  • Lucid Lullaby
    Lucid LullabyHace 3 meses

    I turned into a hyena for a couple seconds when he said “nothing personal” I gonna learn LBG now don’t I

  • TheAltairrush
    TheAltairrushHace 3 meses

    Call of duty advanced warfare players were yall at!?

  • Twisted Bonnie’s animation and art channel
    Twisted Bonnie’s animation and art channelHace 3 meses

    0:13 I’m happy to see Tobi with some new attacks

  • GoldenRushter
    GoldenRushterHace 3 meses

    Gimme an actual good camera Capcom. Forcing the camera to switch sides is annoying, players should be able to disable such thing. Your crosshair went a bit to left-right (depends to where your camera decides to switch) and its kinda annoying to be honest. And I mean, not all ppl like to move the camera all the damn time.

  • Sem_u
    Sem_uHace 3 meses

    "Nothing Personal"!? what comes next? "ratatatatatatatata" while he shooting?!

  • TDE 44

    TDE 44

    Hace 3 meses

    Fuck, I hope so~

  • Tze槺
    Tze槺Hace 3 meses

    It's like playing FPS games in MHR styles

  • MonsterHunter
    MonsterHunterHace 3 meses


  • Justing Dong
    Justing DongHace 3 meses

    As long as limiter removal/Full House comes back, I don't care. Plz Capcom

  • Mustange 70
    Mustange 70Hace 3 meses

    I want the demo

  • Mustange 70

    Mustange 70

    Hace 3 meses

    @TonyKanameKuran next year

  • TonyKanameKuran


    Hace 3 meses

    It's coming next month.

  • Binhos Mingos
    Binhos MingosHace 3 meses

    “I am Light Weapons Guy and this is my Light Bowgun.”

  • ZaxsP
    ZaxsPHace 3 meses

    Wait you can plant the landmine things into the monster? 0:37 if you missed it.

  • PlazTM
    PlazTMHace 3 meses


  • Greg Fisher
    Greg FisherHace 3 meses

    Hammer mains where you at

  • GuremX
    GuremXHace 3 meses

    its like call of duty and monster hunter decided to calab. I love the mobility. As a MHFU Light BG user this mobility will make me and absolute badass

  • alexios hjkl
    alexios hjklHace 3 meses

    bruh that thing is the real plinker flinker suport weapon

  • Donsuu
    DonsuuHace 3 meses

    BowGun from MH freedom to MH rise... Im gonna cry 😢

  • That One Guy
    That One GuyHace 3 meses

    Thank you Capcom, for deciding to release this game on the exact day of my birthday. That is proof that this series was made for me

  • Pawlo
    PawloHace 3 meses

    Give me sns now

  • Juan Barb
    Juan BarbHace 3 meses

    Wait, is it just me or is there a Chameleos turning invisible at 0:17, right when they switch to the wirebug attack? Left side of Tobi!

  • Mr Coton

    Mr Coton

    Hace un mes

    @nuts Why lol? Even if the chameleos have been anounced he wasn't shown in this video. Still a simple three falling, buy a new screen mate.

  • nuts


    Hace un mes

    @Mr Coton bet you feel dumb now huh

  • Mr Coton

    Mr Coton

    Hace 3 meses

    @Juan Barb It's a simple three being destroyed by the tobi moove and disapearing, sorry.

  • Juan Barb

    Juan Barb

    Hace 3 meses

    @Elyrium yeah it might not be 0:17 actually, i guess its closer to 0:18, right when the transition to the new wirebug attack happens, you can see something left of tobi turning invisible, first thing that came into my mind once i noticed that was "oh shit, its chameleos!" especially since there have been rumours abt him coming back

  • destery dw

    destery dw

    Hace 3 meses

    @Elyrium no there is definitely something going Invisible right at that frame even slowed the playback down to .25 and rewound it like 15 times

  • JikuAraiguma
    JikuAraigumaHace 3 meses

    As a Hunting Horn main, I cant help but wonder what this Silkbind stuff will do for it. THE HORN COULD BE COME A *STRING* INSTRUMENT.

  • Vinnie Hopsfield
    Vinnie HopsfieldHace 3 meses


  • Trombonist of Nerdiness

    Trombonist of Nerdiness

    Hace 3 meses


  • Trucked
    TruckedHace 3 meses

    CB, chop chop.

  • ChamitoEmpire
    ChamitoEmpireHace 3 meses

    Cant wait for a crap guide to Monster Hunter Rise

  • Blue Panther
    Blue PantherHace 3 meses

    It's always personal when it comes to Tobi-Kadachi

  • Ikrium
    IkriumHace 3 meses

    Gonna be real, the combat effects on all the revealed weapons so far dont compare to world, like the bow's dragon pierce is like the poorest and most pathetic thing, it has now power to it looks horrible, everything else looks pretty good for the game but damn them combat effects just look like refined ps2 graphics.

  • Ikrium


    Hace 3 meses

    @Mr Coton I dont know about that, im on the Nexus all the time i see no mod on the most popular list ever for tuning down the effects, also never heard anyone complain about the effects.

  • Mr Coton

    Mr Coton

    Hace 3 meses

    The majority hated the effect of world, too bright. One of the most popular mod on pc tune down the flash.

  • SLR Dante
    SLR DanteHace 3 meses

    Waiting for the hunting horn showcase...

  • Titanus Draconis, The Crimson Beast
    Titanus Draconis, The Crimson BeastHace 3 meses

    Will Rise gives us the ability to mount monsters?

  • Laxus Poldish

    Laxus Poldish

    Hace 3 meses

    Mounting still exists. The developers have said that they changed how mounting works and will show it off at a later time.

  • TubeYouDSilvy
    TubeYouDSilvyHace 3 meses

    Um. Looks ..... ... .. .. . . .. AWESOOOOOMMMMMMMEMMMEMEMEMEMEME!!!!!!

  • Demi Ajomale
    Demi AjomaleHace 3 meses


  • Art Thingies
    Art ThingiesHace 3 meses

    My babey Tobi's back!

  • Nathan Meza
    Nathan MezaHace 3 meses

    I'm just waiting for the switch axe video

  • Jermelle
    JermelleHace 3 meses

    I jest want to swing like spiderman

  • Jermelle


    Hace 3 meses

    On mh rise

  • Aquatic
    AquaticHace 3 meses

    I really hope we can tone down those effects because they are ugly af.

  • Albert Chen
    Albert ChenHace 3 meses

    even this is switch game, i prefer it to play at pc somehow. i wont like having fps drop or low graphic while hunting*

  • Albert Chen

    Albert Chen

    Hace 3 meses

    @TonyKanameKuran well i say i prefer* so i dont means i dont like portable gaming* i couldnt afford to buy it thou. cuz now i only have pc. and i dont live in japan, so i dont know what life there to begin with*

  • TonyKanameKuran


    Hace 3 meses

    You are aware that portable gaming are sellers in Japan. The Monster Hunter series is among one of 'em.

  • frankie cutlass
    frankie cutlassHace 3 meses

    Those aerial shots look fantastic. This game gets better and better everytime i see something new.

  • Jaylen Wharton
    Jaylen WhartonHace 3 meses

    Sweet. The Tobster is back.

  • dadkwashere
    dadkwashereHace 3 meses

    Its nothing personal, I mean its true since its a eat or be eaten world. Or rather skin you for your armor or be eaten world.

  • Matt
    MattHace 3 meses


  • Juxxer
    JuxxerHace 3 meses

    Yall need to hurry up and release this game before the world ends..

  • Elyrium


    Hace 3 meses

    The world wont end soon

  • C. Bell
    C. BellHace 3 meses


  • Isiaih Holliman
    Isiaih HollimanHace 3 meses

    Getting LP2 vibes from this

  • Mr. Sherwood
    Mr. SherwoodHace 3 meses

    *LBG gains a vault* Glaive mains: "my time has come"

  • Braden Linnell
    Braden LinnellHace 3 meses


  • Nicolas Warren
    Nicolas WarrenHace 3 meses

    Gotta be honest, the only things I gathered from this video were: A) *telepots behind u* "Nothing personnel, kid." B) For his neutral special, he wields a GUN!

  • Magikarp Harbison
    Magikarp HarbisonHace 4 meses

    Rejoice, my LBG brothers and sisters, this Light Bowgun showcase has blessed us with footage of the best of the best weapons in Monster Hunter.

  • chris edwards
    chris edwardsHace 4 meses

    man I hope there's a way to turn off the stupid phrases cuz that's going to get old fast

  • Elyrium


    Hace 3 meses

    There is, it got confirmed 2 months ago

  • Mike Taylor Jr.
    Mike Taylor Jr.Hace 4 meses

    We want the chargeblade

  • Sunbro Solaire

    Sunbro Solaire

    Hace 3 meses


  • kytis13
    kytis13Hace 4 meses

    Ohhhh does this mean the "aerial" pellet blowgun strat lives on in the lbg??! This is going to be great!

  • Coda Gaming
    Coda GamingHace 4 meses

    Damn, I was hoping they would change the Mine to something cooler. Cause that mine is just not as cool and reliable as minigun.

  • Tana Stella
    Tana StellaHace 4 meses

    We will be able to stick our mines directly to the monster now instead of just sticking it in the ground. I never needed that. But... I will use that >=3

  • Deoix9877
    Deoix9877Hace 4 meses

    what all these weapon showcases have showed me is that MHR is basically "what if spiderman was a hunter"

  • Whimzz
    WhimzzHace 4 meses

    I cannot wait to see what the Charge Blade has now. Even if it's the same, it's probably gonna look hella cool!

  • Bakhum
    BakhumHace 4 meses

    Ok the moves are cool and but but a hunter actually speaking ? What kind of black magic fuckery is that ?

  • Elyrium


    Hace 3 meses

    You can turn them off in settings

  • N!ghtw!ng 15
    N!ghtw!ng 15Hace 4 meses

    TOBI KADACHI!! Man I Love That Monster!!

  • Purllus
    PurllusHace 4 meses

    Does this Tobi seem big?

  • mike kline
    mike klineHace 4 meses

    I love the voicelines, I can't wait to say "nothing personell, kid" while fighting a literal God

  • Arcademan09
    Arcademan09Hace 4 meses


  • Lucas Thadeu
    Lucas ThadeuHace 4 meses


  • Almighty Keys
    Almighty KeysHace 4 meses

    If any avatar of these weapon show case say "Have a taste of this!" that's going to be the weapon i'll main.

    POCKET LINTHace 4 meses

    Whoa, Tobi!?

  • Sunbro Solaire

    Sunbro Solaire

    Hace 3 meses

    Yeah, he was in the very first trailer. Didn't have any gameplay though.

  • Zenny Fieldster
    Zenny FieldsterHace 4 meses

    LBG gunners become IG users. This is going to be wicked! Sadly I don’t have a switch though.

  • light819
    light819Hace 4 meses

    Waiting for sns and charge blade reveal

  • Ninjii123
    Ninjii123Hace 4 meses

    Everybody’s talking about the light bowgun but where’s the hunting horn

  • Elyrium


    Hace 3 meses

    Next few days

  • Dragon James
    Dragon JamesHace 4 meses

    Everyone is just going to use Heavy Bowgun again.

  • MyLittleDarkWorld John
    MyLittleDarkWorld JohnHace 4 meses

    The added movement makes this look more more appealing than the other mh

  • Domnom2288
    Domnom2288Hace 4 meses

    I was already thinking of making light bowgun for the new game, and this seals the deal! I'm definitely playing this when it comes out!