Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin - Trailer 2


Razewing Ratha's egg is about to hatch. Will it bring hope... or terror? 🔥🥚
Embark on a thrilling journey alongside Ena, Kayna, Alwin and Navirou, and take on all-new Co-op Multiplayer quests in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, coming to Nintendo Switch and PC July 9, 2021.
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  • Sen Sen
    Sen SenHace 8 horas

    F***ing trash monsters are supposed to be hunted!

  • MopedMike
    MopedMikeHace 10 horas

    For all those using the comments to shit on Pokemon graphics. Remember this is PC footage...

  • Aptom7747
    Aptom7747Hace 18 horas

    so when do we kill it and is it rarity 7 or higher?

  • Giorgn NAMQ
    Giorgn NAMQHace 22 horas

    Please give me a #Collaboration of this master piece with #MonsterHunterRise ❤️❤️❤️! Would be awesome seeing this special #Rathalos in #Monster #Hunter #Rise 🤩! Maybe the finisher will be a #Kinship attack or something if hunter has #master #rider and maybe #Ramp-Up skill! Would add a nice touch and would be fun!!!

  • Kabegami The Great
    Kabegami The GreatHace 23 horas

    I didn't like stories 1 that much, which is weird, game should be a genius idea to collect your favourite monsters. I'll still check this one out, hopefully its better. Theres also a weird graphical abnormality on my 3ds in that game, where rarely, a black line would appear accross the screen somewhere, vertical or horizontal for a split second, idk if my cartridge or 3DS is maybe faulty or if its just the game.

  • Ramen Artist
    Ramen ArtistHace un día

    I just beat monster hunter rise, I'm even more hyped for this game now Edit: spoilers for rise down low I hope there's a Narwa/Ibushi cameo

  • Game Changer
    Game ChangerHace un día

    So Red Isekaid himself to the Monster Hunter universe and settled down, while Ash is still 11

  • Amazing Nobody Liz
    Amazing Nobody LizHace un día

    10k views just been added wtf

  • Maskyro
    MaskyroHace un día


  • Gerald John Geroces
    Gerald John GerocesHace 2 días

    can this game play on mobile like stories 1 ?

  • Amazing Nobody Liz

    Amazing Nobody Liz

    Hace un día

    It would probably be hard considering the drastic improvement in graphics and with monster hunter stories 1 already takes a lot of memory

  • Txrtu 乌龟
    Txrtu 乌龟Hace 2 días


  • Troll LoLeL
    Troll LoLeLHace 2 días

    for android? i hope 😆

  • icykun17 7
    icykun17 7Hace 3 días

    so when's it coming to mobile? perhaps 10 years maybe?

  • NBRivera
    NBRiveraHace 3 días

    I hope this will release on android

  • hero medley
    hero medleyHace 3 días

    this games graphics is leagues better than pokemon will ever be on switch

  • Wesley Broadbent
    Wesley BroadbentHace 4 días

    Music reminds me of Ni No Kunis

  • Sebastian Zebra
    Sebastian ZebraHace 4 días

    Says rathalos are dangerous without knowing that a rider and a rathalos saved the world from the black blight

  • Damien Paz
    Damien PazHace 4 días


  • Nate Koester
    Nate KoesterHace 4 días

    Whenever I slay a monster that is cool in rise i salute its death lol

  • Andy Derps
    Andy DerpsHace 5 días

    I guess even Red got bored of pokemon that he started collecting monsties instead.

  • Game Changer

    Game Changer

    Hace un día

    and settled down had grandkids while Ash is still 11

  • cloudus23
    cloudus23Hace 5 días

    Too bad this looks like it won't have a mobile port unlike the first game. I played the first one only on my phone since I don't have a 3ds.

  • Thunder Monkey
    Thunder MonkeyHace 5 días

    1:02 Navirou... buddy.. *How the hell are you alive?*

  • Jackson Williams
    Jackson WilliamsHace 5 días

    I need nergigante the spas monster

  • Sam Brinlee
    Sam BrinleeHace 5 días

    When can we preorder this?

  • Just No
    Just NoHace 5 días


  • A devil Named angel
    A devil Named angelHace 6 días


  • A devil Named angel
    A devil Named angelHace 6 días


  • Dire Miralis
    Dire MiralisHace 6 días


  • Felix DX
    Felix DXHace 6 días

    Android plis

  • Nazish Kausar
    Nazish KausarHace 6 días


  • Nazish Kausar
    Nazish KausarHace 6 días

    MHStories was the game that grew my love for the mh franchise. Playing this game WILL fill me with so much nestolgia... OMG I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ethanos
    EthanosHace 6 días

    Do you have to play the first gsme to play this one?

  • Never gonna be quite

    Never gonna be quite

    Hace 6 días

    no coz that is on the 3ds

  • Hannah Cardoza
    Hannah CardozaHace 6 días

    I can’t wait for this game to come, I hope in eshop they will give starter packs with potions, kingly steaks, armorskin and charms to help get started. For monsties, I hope they give Rathian the ability to fly because I always thought it was ridiculous that she couldn’t in the first game except for cheval’s and since the Ratha in this game is born without wings, it would be appropriate. And all monsties are available to find and hatch throughout the story like Monoblos and Glavenus except for the elder dragons. And I hope the game will have two save slots so you can try playing as a boy and a girl without deleting an existing saved data if you done well on it and completed the game.

  • Tom A.
    Tom A.Hace 7 días

    The environments are gorgeous! Like omg! I hope we can freely explore them! And now look at what GameFreak presents for their multi-billion dollar franchise :-P

  • Apex B-52

    Apex B-52

    Hace un día

    tbf gamefreak has 143 employees while capcom has 2800+

  • Kyte Ansarty
    Kyte AnsartyHace 7 días

    Still better plot than that obnoxious "US Army" praising movie.

  • Xero
    XeroHace 7 días

    Who still playing the first one in 2021

  • Tomato Man Videos
    Tomato Man VideosHace 7 días

    I'm going to pick this up even though I'm still playing the first one

  • mondmadlin
    mondmadlinHace 7 días

    I wish we could get a monster hunter game with tameable monsters that keeps a more realistic aesthetic, the cute graphics are the only thing putting me off this.

  • MasterRick01 Beyer R.
    MasterRick01 Beyer R.Hace 7 días

    Another game that will recive hate from Zelda BotW Speed Runners. -_- Hope those idiots leave anime games un peace, and let us enjoy this games.

  • Cuban American
    Cuban AmericanHace 7 días

    It will look gorgeous on PC

  • Leo Arjoon Arjoon
    Leo Arjoon ArjoonHace 7 días

    Hope its also transported to mobile even though it's almost impossible

  • Satrya Ananta
    Satrya AnantaHace 7 días

    will only be in Nitendo??

  • Oh Boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an octorock

    Oh Boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an octorock

    Hace 6 días

    Also for PC, on Steam

  • animalcrossingdude01
    animalcrossingdude01Hace 8 días

    I remember back when I finished the first Stories and I thought it should really get a sequel, then, a few weeks later, this gets annouced! I was SO hyped! Day one pick up for sure! And I really hope Co-op quests are online and not limited to friends only.

  • Chris Horne
    Chris HorneHace 8 días

    This game is the main reason why I just got a nintendo switch

  • Omar Reyes
    Omar ReyesHace 8 días

    ok, I'm playing monster hunter rise and I'm loving the heck out of that game, but this looks like it will be better at least for me, I'm more into stories (no pun intended) than multiplayer....mostly because I live in a backwater town that barely gets internet.

  • rainbow heaven
    rainbow heavenHace 8 días

    I didn’t get to finish the first 😖😭

  • Mr Scribbler
    Mr ScribblerHace 8 días

    I have an Monster Hunter amiibo for the 3DS version will it work

  • Mr Scribbler
    Mr ScribblerHace 8 días

    It will bring hope

  • SCOTT DREEMURR the god of creation and destruction
    SCOTT DREEMURR the god of creation and destructionHace 9 días

    I'm probably going to go an evil route if I can

  • SCOTT DREEMURR the god of creation and destruction
    SCOTT DREEMURR the god of creation and destructionHace 9 días

    I want to tame a nergigante

  • Never gonna be quite

    Never gonna be quite

    Hace 6 días

    lol you don`t tame them you steal eggs and hatch it and then its your friend right away unless in this game it changes

  • Ben Saad Oussema
    Ben Saad OussemaHace 9 días

    make pokémon look like shit again

  • Frank Dziadosz
    Frank DziadoszHace 9 días

    I honestly want this game. I loved the first one because it was related to the series.

  • AF MA
    AF MAHace 9 días

    How to Train Your Dragon: The Game

  • Evan EB
    Evan EBHace 9 días

    been almost a month since release date been announced but yet unable to pre order with 3 months away. things are not looking to good for the future of stories

  • Braham bah tok
    Braham bah tokHace 9 días

    will this game be available on mobile device?

  • Apex B-52

    Apex B-52

    Hace un día

    no but it will be on PC

  • Pasquale Monopoli
    Pasquale MonopoliHace 9 días


  • Alexandre Mendonça
    Alexandre MendonçaHace 9 días

    Im tired of navirou

    ALAMOIDOHace 9 días

    best Monster Hunter game.

  • bilal hassan
    bilal hassanHace 10 días


  • MoreThanMark
    MoreThanMarkHace 10 días

    Is it only me or is that Zelda voice?

  • Vivian Savage
    Vivian SavageHace 10 días

    Man I have the first game I can't wait to get this one

  • rmartison
    rmartisonHace 10 días

    I hope it is for Android too like monster hunter 1

  • Sophie
    SophieHace 10 días

    The first game was amazing and now this?? And even better models?? AND MIZUITSUNE? Are we sure it isn’t a dream?

  • EDGE
    EDGEHace 10 días

    Please no region specific dlc please......

  • Elsie May
    Elsie MayHace 10 días

    I only ever played MH on the Wii and didn’t spend much time on it, I haven’t got MHR because as a newbie it seems far too complicated. Might pick this one up though, shame there’s no character customisation but it looks like a good game.

  • Oh Boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an octorock

    Oh Boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an octorock

    Hace 10 días

    There is character customization, they just don't show it in the trailers for some reason.

  • Ziad Hammi
    Ziad HammiHace 10 días

    What about mobile version ☹️☹️

  • GARUjix Da Sergal!
    GARUjix Da Sergal!Hace 11 días

    Hmmm... I hope there is a slyvian dub like world did... Not liking the English dub... (idk why i got the feel of it being like botw dubs)

  • Arukki
    ArukkiHace 11 días

    I want a mini Mizutsune

    HAPPYDOODYHace 11 días

    IM SOLD!! I hope they just stick with this graphic style. I love it sooooooooooooo much!

  • Jhon Labadan
    Jhon LabadanHace 11 días

    Wait can this game plays android too? Just like part 1 or not?

  • Yuro Hachi
    Yuro HachiHace 11 días

    i hope it's gonna have an android port like the first one coz im broke too buy a switch or a pc

  • Zheistra
    ZheistraHace 11 días

    lol i stuck in the final boss in the previous one

  • Nightmare Boy
    Nightmare BoyHace 11 días

    Okey i am hyped but a rathlos again?....they should put another monster as the flag monster in the game

  • Omega DeRose
    Omega DeRoseHace 11 días

    ok i dont care about the story but please let us have a nergigante as a monster we can ride

  • Сергей С.
    Сергей С.Hace 11 días

    Убили первую часть отсутвием обновлений

  • Dusto Mmmm Broly
    Dusto Mmmm BrolyHace 12 días

    Navirou’s voice went down like 2 octaves

  • Mikaela
    MikaelaHace 12 días

    I hope we get a demo!

  • Apex B-52

    Apex B-52

    Hace un día

    oh god yes

  • ༺ཱྀ༼Mitsuki༽ཱི༻ 은 미나
    ༺ཱྀ༼Mitsuki༽ཱི༻ 은 미나Hace 12 días

    Is everyone hype about this game?

  • 206Zelda
    206ZeldaHace 12 días

    But can we get Monstie Epona, or even a Wolf Link. That's what I want to know.

  • Callan-Adam Dobbie-Fraser
    Callan-Adam Dobbie-FraserHace 12 días

    I love how the game is actually more about the rathalos

  • E A
    E AHace 12 días

    Stories is the only monster hunter I've played and probably will play

  • Pabu _Redpanda
    Pabu _RedpandaHace 12 días

    Wonder if this’ll get to mobile too

  • Alexis Davis
    Alexis DavisHace 12 días

    No the blights back noooooo I thought you destroyed the blight in the first game alright ratha let's stop the blight that gave you that eye scar the power of kinship will nerver be beat

  • Apex B-52

    Apex B-52

    Hace un día

    @Never gonna be quite the blackblight has been in MH game which was MH stories 1

  • Never gonna be quite

    Never gonna be quite

    Hace 6 días

    they been in every monster hunter game i think

  • Alexis Davis
    Alexis DavisHace 12 días

    I want so bad

  • Kenneth Deazeta
    Kenneth DeazetaHace 13 días


  • Jrise Breezy
    Jrise BreezyHace 13 días

    How to train your dragon the game

  • Bali Mushroom
    Bali MushroomHace 13 días

    May I know does this game have like online mode or players vs boss like in quest cuz I kind of thinking this monster Hunter game is like that.

  • Taylor Gilson
    Taylor GilsonHace 14 días

    Yes please mitzusunae monstie!!!!!!!

  • Wind Sarveda
    Wind SarvedaHace 14 días

    Wait, red ?

  • Little Miss Adrianna
    Little Miss AdriannaHace 14 días

    As soon as pre order is available I’m ordering the deluxe edition

  • ༺ཱྀ༼Mitsuki༽ཱི༻ 은 미나
    ༺ཱྀ༼Mitsuki༽ཱི༻ 은 미나Hace 14 días

    Im not really fan of Monster Series game But Monster Hunter Stories caught my attention I think I’ll buy this one

  • Samurai Cheems
    Samurai CheemsHace 14 días

    Man f rathalos I NEED DODOGAMA

  • Flare Woodshadow
    Flare WoodshadowHace 14 días

    Noooo!! Fuck!! I dont have a freaking switch!!😫😫😭😭

  • Oh Boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an octorock

    Oh Boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an octorock

    Hace 14 días

    It's also coming to PC, if you have one

  • Scarlet Requiem
    Scarlet RequiemHace 14 días

    I wish stories one is on the switch so I can get it and play it before this releases

  • Colin Ray
    Colin RayHace 14 días

    I played the first one and thought it was meh. The human ears on the dinosaurs oh sorry monsters looked really weird.

  • CptEddyPrice
    CptEddyPriceHace 14 días

    umm.... how is the gameplay? Like MH games? im confused

  • Oh Boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an octorock

    Oh Boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an octorock

    Hace 14 días

    @CptEddyPrice No problem

  • CptEddyPrice


    Hace 14 días

    @Oh Boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an octorock ah... thanks for explaining. The trailer gave me impression that its going to be "action" game not turn based....

  • Oh Boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an octorock

    Oh Boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an octorock

    Hace 14 días

    Turn based RPG focused more around story and bonding with monsters than hunting them. You still 'hunt' a lot, but there's not nearly as much prep work needed.

  • Rex King
    Rex KingHace 15 días

    Please let the longsword be a thing this time i was a litte mad when we did not get to see it but got teased with it with reverto using it all the time

  • HiddenTheStickman Stickman
    HiddenTheStickman StickmanHace 15 días

    F/////// YES

  • angelo almanza
    angelo almanzaHace 15 días

    Yeah boi let's go hunting

  • Jens Berg
    Jens BergHace 16 días

    Not gonna lie I am gonna get this game if its for free :)

  • Jens Berg

    Jens Berg

    Hace 15 días

    Idk :/

  • Edu D

    Edu D

    Hace 15 días

    Why would it be free?!